Sunday, 22 May 2011

This week I smiled because

  • it’s been exactly 8 years since I stood on the doorstep of The Original Mr and Mrs G and demanded that my Mr G be my boyfriend. It was the only way!
  • I got to see Kim’s growing bump wiggle. Keep cooking baby Sones!
  • I sang along to Fleetwood Mac week on Glee. Yes, Go your own way indeed.
  • I watched Lady Gaga headlining on Radio 1’s Big Weekend
  • I squealed at Lady Gaga dedicating a song to Wills and Kate whilst headlining on Radio 1’s Big Weekend. My idol loves my girl crush as much as I do. Excellent.
  • me and my buddies, attended a party in colour matched outfits (completely by fluke) and those colours were red, white and blue (my current fave). It’s like we have one mind. We rock. We are cool. Cooooooool Britannia in fact.
  • I put the finishing touches to the bedroom. At last.
  • I listed and sold my first item on eBay. I knew my degree would come in handy sometime (it was bl**dy complicated!). Bring on more wardrobe clear out!
  • the Griffiths went wine tasting… nuff said.
  • I got to wear the first of my summer outfits to the Bathhouse for Laura’s birthday.
  • I found the three dresses I bought last week for the various weddings and events I’m attending, online with 25% off. Bargaintastic
  • I stalked my hairdresser and found him at a new salon (he left my regular one), and got my hair did… and found a new table-wear designer in the process.
  • I helped out my lovely friends with their businesses and helping people makes me happy.
  • I caught up with some of my besties... and one of them is coming home from travelling in FIVE DAYS!! So excited!
  • PAY DAY!! Thank.The.Lord.
Keep smiling

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