Meet Slipper


I go by various names, but basically I'm just Victoria and I'm pleased to virtually meet you.

I'm 30, I live in Chelmsford in Essex (it really is The Only Way) with Nick - The Mr that I married in 2009 (read about it here and here). I work in Canary Wharf in a very tall building doing something that sounds important, but I'm yet to be completely convinced that it's as technical as it first appears!

My nuclear family are all close by which makes me happy, The Mothership, Daddy Bear, Baby Bro, the original Mr and Mrs G, Mini Griff and Baby Griff and the extended family are spread out across the UK and the Globe.

My interests are all rooted in one thing: PLANNING! I live to plan - parties,weddings, holidays, the future in general, decorating, house moves, life milestones, careers, outfits, days out, Christmas presents, meals, business ideas, what to do with a multi million pound lottery win... and not just for myself. For anyone that sits still long enough for me to pitch my idea to them.

I also love a theme. If it's got a theme then all is well with the world. Strawberry Shortcake - now that's a theme. The characters, the pets, the villans, the locations. God I love a theme.

Oh, and make up. I'm obsessed with products. I'm always looking for the next "miracle product" - I'll believe the hype, I'll be wowed by the tester and I'll buy the whole set. And use it twice. I'm a marketer's dream, and my bank manager's nightmare!

I love a bit of fashion, I love to travel, I love a good cocktail bar and I love to combine all three. I basically just love to live the life I've been given. No point sitting around waiting for it to happen, is there now?

I adore my friends, and enjoy nothing more than a cuppa or a cosmo (sometimes both) and a good natter.