Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What's in a name?

In case i forget to whom I belong...
So, who am I? I'm me.... I go by various aliases (depending which dating site you're looking at - joke. I'm super-happily married) and I'll outline a few for you here, mainly for your entertainment than for any specific information...

  • Victoria: the basic name, screeched regularly by the Mothership (you'll meet her later) written on my school reports and on my pay slips. It does the job. It was my great grandmother's middle name. She let me borrow it and I'm looking after it like a good girl, so I might be allowed to keep it.... 
  • Slipper: my main alias and now my nom de plume. I was named this shortly after conception, and Daddy Bear (you'll also be introduced to him later) has called me this ever since. There is a cute story about why that is my name. Let's meet up for a cosmo and I'll tell you all about it. He refers to me as such when talking about me (regardless of whom he is addressing), to me, when asking the switchboard at work to be put through to me, when handing me over to be married and when telling me off. The day he calls me "Victoria" I'll know he's been abducted by aliens...
  • Victoria Francesca Jablonska: the extended form, it speaks of my Italian and Polish heritage and is regularly written and pronounced incorrectly. I've learned to deal with it. Interesting fact: Jablon means "appletree" in Polish. So there you go!
  • Viki: the first diminutive. It's been spelled various ways over the years but it's been this way since year 10 physics when I got bored of velocity and distance and switched it from Vici to Vikki and then dropped a "K" so I only had to buy four beads for the necklace I was making. Those that have been there since the beginning still use the C. I'm like a tree - you can date my friendships by the way they spell my name!
  • Viki Fanny J: the "mickey take" nickname. For those that found the pronunciation of my actual name difficult. i.e. My husband! But really the joke's on him... isn't it?
  • Aunty Toria: the second diminutive and a recent addition to the list. My beautiful god daughter already has an Aunty Vicky (you're bound to meet both on these here pages at some point) so her clever Mummy (someone else you'll defo be meeting) distinguished between us by splitting the name in two. And I love it! In the same way that no one else calls me Slipper but Daddy Bear, no one else calls me Toria but Issy and that makes it special!
  • Sticky: affectionate pi55 take #1. With my name there were two ways for the primary school kids to go. Hale the Whale or Sticky Viki. Seeing as I was Twiglet-thin, laughably gangly and ridiculously underweight as a child (sadly the latter isn't an affliction I've taken with me in to adulthood), certain kids chose the more appropriate name and for those it's kind of stuck. It's much less relevant now though, but thankfully they haven't reverted to the other option.... Yet!
  • Hale Wench: affectionate pi55 take #2. No rhyme or reason for this, other than the fact that myself and a friend (another one for the introductions) were the only girls in the Business Studies 'A' Level class and so we were given horrid names to fit in with all their well-meaning teenage boy name calling. At least I assume that was the case, as I certainly wasn't wench-like and she certainly wasn't Dirty.
  • Vikihalo: my Powerpuff Girl name! Whoopah - I'll get you with my halo slinging skills, Odd Job styley! It's now my email address and user name for everything. Boring!
  • RIA: the misheard name that was used by Baby Bro (you'll DEFO get to hear all about him asap!) for the first few years of his life. He had problems with his hearing, and I had problems with my behaviour. Shout the name Victoria with the emphasis on the last two syllables, much like The Mothership did. All. The. Time. Poor Baby Bro only ever heard "victo-RIA" and so assumed Ria was my name. Bless him.
  • Victoria Plum: the obvious childhood nick name, but one I liked. She was cute, she was brunette (unlike most characters in those days), she was naughty and messy and mischievous, she wore dresses made of petals and she found moonbeams in the woods and I wanted to be her. My parents bought a plum tree for the garden as a nod to the name. And then planted it in honour of my brother... "Why?" you might ask. Well, planting the the plum tree for me was too obvious and they like to be different. So they planted a pear tree for me instead. You have to question the sobriety of the parents that bought a plum tree for their son and a pear (pair?) tree for their daughter........ Think about it. There you go.
  • Princess VH: I have absolutely no idea why I would ever deserve this nickname ( ;-) ), first coined by the lovely CT, but it's a goodun so I'm keeping it!
  • Mrs G: a recent acquisition to my alias list. On 19.09.09 I married Mr G (a.k.a Griff, Gruff, Grifter The Boy, The Husbug, Number One Son, Golden Boy and Sarge) and so I became Mrs G. We had a big party to celebrate the name change, I had a special dress and we all ate a big cake and drank bubbly and there were speeches and everything... but I got so drunk I forgot to actually do it. Whoopsie.
  • Griffette: the newest name on the block and coined by a friend of Mr G (also a Mr G). Seeing as my Mr G has two sisters (Mini Griff and Baby Griff) there were no other Griff titles left for me. And so, in honour of Smurfette, Griffette got added to the list and I love it.
  • ...and the rest: VH, VickStar, Victorious, Victor, Krum, Vic1, Hale... and i'm sure there'll be more to come!
So that's me. Pick a name, any name and I'll be sure to answer. Unless you call me Vic. Then, unless you're Caroline, it's unlikely to get you on my Christmas card list!

Peas and love

.... all of the above...


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