Friday, 30 March 2012

A colourful weekend

I mentioned on Friday that I was having a traffic light shoe issue, but eventually I managed to pull together some seriously bright, colour blocked outfits for a super sunny weekend and I managed to use two of the three pairs. Not bad going for a March weekend, as normally we're still in Uggs and cosy socks... aren't we?
yellow, pink, green and blue

Saturday saw me don a pair of yellow chunky-heeled shoes (after a small Facebook/Twitter poll), a fuchsia pleated midi skirt, a sea green tee, and blue accessories: a royal blue shoulder bag, pastel blue nails and a baby blue Swatch, all topped off with a twinkly jumper for when the evening chill drew in. I took off to Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross (using no less than a bus, a coach, an overground train and two tubes to get there) for a afternoon tea, truffles, macaroons, fizz and cocktails with the ladies from Florence Finds and spent a wonderful few hours chatting, drinking, gossiping and making new like-minded friends. Perfect.
scrummy afternoon tea
Sunday morning was spent whizzing round a few houses, and then pulling together another outfit, using the same colours, but in a different combination for a special little boy’s christening. I felt that as he’s such a cheerful little boy I should wear an equally cheerful outfit, so I opted for green shoes (only fair after I picked yellow for Saturday), a yellow dress, a hot pink bag and a multi-strand, multi-coloured necklace to tie it all together.
green, yellow and pink
rainbow necklace
I love when springtime arrives and, after a long season of dark colours and only the odd occasion to cover an outfit in sparkles, all the colour in my wardrobe comes back out to play. The only trouble is, I often get a tad over excited, like this weekend, where I go a bit OTT on the colour and end up looking a bit like a CBeebies presenter.
But nay matter, the sun really did have his hat on this weekend, and so did I!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Orange, Yellow and Green

Now, I hate matchy-matchy, but I do love a theme*.

So how happy was my little OCD heart when I spotted this traffic-light themeing on my desk? So happy. How much happier was I when I realised my weekend shoe dilemma carried the same theme? Literally. Ecstatic. No joke. Enough to post on my blog about it!

I'm surprised my parents never had me tested for autism...

orange, yellow and green bunnies (now demolished)

Orange, yellow and green shoes (soon to be worn)

Just another day in Victoria's world... la la la la la la


* girl bands in the same colour combos but different outfits, ice dancing couples in boy and girl versions of the same design, Bucks Fizz with their different colours, the Power Rangers in an array of colours, and the pinacle of my "not-matching-but-themed" obsession? STEPS! That is all.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A busy busy bee

Wow. I’ve been a very bad blogger. I haven’t blogged for an AGE! I’ll tell you why – I have been the busiest of bumble bees these past few weeks.

The house we were buying fell through. We thought it was our dream home, clearly it wasn’t otherwise we’d still be moving in to it. We picked ourselves up and got back on the househunting treadmill – up to 15 houses a day at weekends, two or three in the evenings after work, every spare minute spent on my Rightmove app searching for new property listings, floor plans, room measurements and garden situation. I’ve looked at so many boilers, lift hatches and built in dishwashers. I’ve complimented so many people on their “well-appointed rooms” (think Mrs Bennett [not Lady Catherine de Bourg]-style from the BBC Pride and Prejudice series) and feigned interest in people’s home improvements and now I’m tired, and oh, very nearly homeless. The week before we go on holiday we’ll be moving in with my parents.
It’s going to be, erm, interesting. I’ll keep you posted on that one...
Colour coordinating in Galway!
We also took a little trip to Galway for Sarah’s wedding to Tom. Yes, she of the 25 hen dos, finally tied the knot. There were a few hiccups, including a lost photographer and a veil escape, but what a weekend we had! There was Guinness, there was jigging, there was drizzle, there were fingers in crème brulees, there were speech bets (I won!), there was a Macerena, there was a lote of colour coordination, there were homemade hats, there was a photo booth (much abused), there was NO prosecco by the glass (thus we ordered many bottles) and there was mucho, mucho, funtime. There were, however, no leprechauns. Which was slightly disappointing… we made up for it with the inaugural outing of the Lulu Guinness lips clutch. It’s the perfect photo prop, worth every penny.
as the chief BM it is her duty to get snogged!

photobooth fun
Girls and the M.O.B.

I’ve been working hard on a costume for Caroline’s Storybook themed 30th birthday party. I spent ages trying to think of something that didn’t come out of a bag from Angels (aka Disney outfits made slutty) and something I could make by hand. If I’m doing fancy dress, I like to do it properly and actually sew something with my own hands. So I settled on the White Witch from Narnia. I bought thousands of Christmas decorations and started hacking bits of material up, and sewing bits of white fluff together, but it just wasn’t happening. I either looked like a yeti or a crazy bride. And it’s just not cricket to turn up at someone else’s birthday party looking like a bride…. Which gave me a brainwave… I thought about pulling my utterly wrecked wedding dress out and going as Miss Havisham. But my dress is in no fit state to be worn, after my Trash The Dress session with Jasmine Jade Photography last summer. So back to making an evil snow queen costume it was. Then Mr G changed his mind to go as the Mad Hatter so I thought about turning all my white stuff in to the White Rabbit costume, but then I was back at square one; looking like a slut.

fancy dress inspiration

I have one week to get myself together… will I do it? The fancy dress challenge is upon me! Stay tuned to see how it goes.

It was Mother’s Day last weekend and we kept it low key as my Baby Bro had disappeared off to Ireland for St Patrick’s day, so I took my Mother Bear to a day spa for a mother’s day mani and kept it chilled with a take away. Just what we needed after a manic week.

In between attending weddings, wiring icicles to a crown and looking at every house for sale in a mile radius, I’ve spent every spare moment of the last two weeks growing more and more obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m talking Harry Potter levels of love for these books. That is a LOT of love, people, a LOT of love.
I think the trilogy is going to require a whole other post of its own, as it’s just blown me away. The film comes out tomorrow and I’m going to use every ounce of self control in my body to resist watching it until I can go with Laura the week after next.

It’s going to be hard, but to console myself I might re-read the books… that’s not crazy is it?

My latest obsession.
Oh, and something else that’s been filling my head in the last few days are movies!

Firstly, who am I going to love more as the evil queen in the forthcoming Snow White-based movies? I know they’re not going to be comparable in theme or content, but essentially they are the same character. Which one am I going to love more: Julia Roberts as the queen of sarcasm and wit in Mirror Mirror or Charlize Theron as the scary-beautiful queen in Snow White and the Huntsman?

And secondly, how time has flown since Titanic was first released. It's being re-released on April 6th to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. I still have the most vivid memories of seeing it at a tiny independent cinema with Kim. There was an interval, there were puffa jackets, there was sobbing from the minute Leo came on screen as we knew his fate, there was hand holding, there was full-on wailing. Can I cope with doing it all again? I just don't know if I can...

Anyhoo, on that note I'm off to bed.

Nighty night!

Monday, 5 March 2012

My month: February

So I’ve been naughty, and lazy and a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged for an age! Sorry.

I thought about doing a "this weekend" post, but I thought I’d do a “this month” one instead and wrap up the last few weeks.

February is normally a quiet month, but this year, February went OFF! More birthday celebrations that you can shake a stick at, hen dos and catch ups. It was probably the funnest February on record, and also the most expensive...

This month:

I signed out of my twenties, with six rounds of celebrations. So spoilt!

I helped my buddies, the Birthday Belles celebrate the arrival of their fourth decade with more birthday parties.

The hat I made, whilst supremely hungover!
 helped Sarah celebrate her impending nuptials with parts three (Vintage Patisserie) and four (a TOWIE Party) of her Hen Tour 2011/12 (Part one being the Ugly Bug Ball last October, and probably two more parts to come!)
I tipped the scales too far in the wrong direction after numerous Tea and Jaffa nights, coupley catch ups, girlie lunch and dinner dates, cocktail sessions, some family catch ups, a Pancake Day extravaganza and a rather lonely Valentine’s Day pizza and prosecco fest. Time to start the healthy eating plan again

some February Food snippets
I got properly addicted to Words With Friends. Add me - I'm Vikihalo!

I spent some time thinking about the amazingness that was Rio Carnival, this time one year ago.
We got our house move underway (yay) so I paid homage to our new address (fingers crossed) with lots of tulips in the house!

some new purchases

I bought some hot pink trews, as instructed by FlorenceFinds. I might have also purchased some bright tees (seeing as spring is almost sprung), a stripey skirt, a short and a long colour block dress, and I finally overcame my fear of floaty pleats with a midi, hot pink chiffon pleated skirt.
hello hot pink trews!
I spent the last of my birthday money on a Lulu Guinness lips clutch.
hello Lips clutch

I planned some fab outfits for some up-coming special events, including most of the items above and also my handmade (by yours truly) hat!

getting matey with Twist and Pulse and "Queenie"
I met Twist and Pulse  and The "Queen" at my buddy Lucy's (she of Birthday Belle fame) first big event at her new venue The London Film Museum. It had an I Heart London theme! That I do!
I got started on the Big Faberge Egg Hunt. I love collecting!

I went all Girl Power with my iPod. Adele, Jessie  J, Lady Gaga were at the top of my most played list and then along came Lana. Enchanting!
I got inspired to re-read The Secret after Laura turned her career around with a bit of positive thinking...
Laura's always there pushing me to stay positive!
I got some much-needed baby squidges with Luke and some catch-up, sticker book, Duplo, silly voice time with Isabelle, Ollie and Gracie, oh, and their parents!
And finally I enjoyed one whole well-deserved lie in!


Looking forward to what March has to offer...