Friday, 30 March 2012

A colourful weekend

I mentioned on Friday that I was having a traffic light shoe issue, but eventually I managed to pull together some seriously bright, colour blocked outfits for a super sunny weekend and I managed to use two of the three pairs. Not bad going for a March weekend, as normally we're still in Uggs and cosy socks... aren't we?
yellow, pink, green and blue

Saturday saw me don a pair of yellow chunky-heeled shoes (after a small Facebook/Twitter poll), a fuchsia pleated midi skirt, a sea green tee, and blue accessories: a royal blue shoulder bag, pastel blue nails and a baby blue Swatch, all topped off with a twinkly jumper for when the evening chill drew in. I took off to Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross (using no less than a bus, a coach, an overground train and two tubes to get there) for a afternoon tea, truffles, macaroons, fizz and cocktails with the ladies from Florence Finds and spent a wonderful few hours chatting, drinking, gossiping and making new like-minded friends. Perfect.
scrummy afternoon tea
Sunday morning was spent whizzing round a few houses, and then pulling together another outfit, using the same colours, but in a different combination for a special little boy’s christening. I felt that as he’s such a cheerful little boy I should wear an equally cheerful outfit, so I opted for green shoes (only fair after I picked yellow for Saturday), a yellow dress, a hot pink bag and a multi-strand, multi-coloured necklace to tie it all together.
green, yellow and pink
rainbow necklace
I love when springtime arrives and, after a long season of dark colours and only the odd occasion to cover an outfit in sparkles, all the colour in my wardrobe comes back out to play. The only trouble is, I often get a tad over excited, like this weekend, where I go a bit OTT on the colour and end up looking a bit like a CBeebies presenter.
But nay matter, the sun really did have his hat on this weekend, and so did I!

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