Sunday, 1 April 2012

Unless I win the lottery...

... I will not be purchasing Louis Vuitton shoes.

Which is a shame as these babies from the SS12 collection are so pretty. They remind me of Fingermouse from Fingerbobs. Remember him?

Some Louis Vuitton lovelies

So, seeing as these are so far out of my reach, because I doubt I'll be winning the lottery anytime soon, I went and purchased the Next best thing (geddit?) from the high street.

My "Next" best thing

Not an exact copy (obvs, after that Gina incident) but close enough to add a bit of pointy metallic sparkle to one of my summer wedding outfits. See outfit one and two below, just outfit three to find.

Outfit one:
Dress from Warehouse. Hangover face (hidden) from Saturday night.

Outfit two:
Dress from New Look. Shoes still in circulation from the wedding.
Mess (not hidden), post-mail order delivery trying on cyclone!

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