Sunday, 1 April 2012

A girlie weekend

Where last weekend was full of colour, this weekend, although also full of colour, was full of girls!
My Friday night humbug outfit

We kicked off on Friday night with a girlie dinner date to celebrate Caroline turning 30. We all got dolled up, and headed off to Zenxi in town for cocktails, fizz, Chinese food, cupcakes and presents!

Pre dinner cocktails
Saturday was mainly spent sewing my costume for Caroline’s big Story Book themed birthday party that night. I love a bit of fancy dress, and if I’m doing fancy dress, I do it properly – face paint, sewing, accessories, the works!

The Birthday Girl
On this occasion I was dressing up as Jadis, The White Witch from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I mentioned my costume inspiration here, but, due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. me forgetting that I’m not a Hollywood costumier) the costume took a slight detour and I ended up re-using the corset that formed the basis of my Katy Perry costume from Katie’s 30th in October.

Cutest ever cupcakes
Mr G got all over-excited (he’s probably the one person in the world that loves fancy dress more than me, so I’ve recently discovered) and dressed up as an Oompa Loompa, and I’ve been finding orange facepaint all over the bathroom ever since…. I know I’m from Essex, but still, I don’t want anyone thinking that’s my make up everywhere!

After a night of dancing, singing, stuffing ourselves with fairy tale themed cupcakes and admiring each other’s outfits, we rolled home, scrubbed off all our facepaint and I tried to comb out the backcombing and various “pouffing” products out of my hair (unsuccessfully) before collapsing in to bed. Fancy dress is so tiring!

Tinker Bell, Dorothee, The Frog Princess, Wilma, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood,
a Disney Princess and White Witch!
An Oompa Loompa and The White Witch - a good match!
Sunday morning we got up early, and did our best to make ourselves presentable (removing the last traces of face paint, we missed in the small hours and trying to get my evil witch/crazy candy floss hair in to some kind of human style) to pop back to see the house we’re in the process of buying. I was super scared that I wouldn’t like it as much, now that we’ve done the deed and committed to buy, but on seeing it again I loved it and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling and move in! Perhaps we should have facepaint and crazy hair themed housewarming party!

After that, we did a spot of shopping and I managed to pull together an outfit for the second of the three weddings I have coming up with a lucky spot in Warehouse, and then I took myself off home to get ready (my "Malibu Barbie" outfit of pink jeans, green shoes and a spangly jumper) for a lunch date at TheBlue Strawberry with my Luvvies… which, as per usual, resulted in us being ushered from the restaurant half an hour after closing time, at 7pm. Only the Luvvies can make lunch last until 7pm!

My Malibu Barbie Sunday lunch outfit
A busy weekend often equals lots of mess, and a fancy dress weekend means even more mess so this evening I spent a good hour packing up my dressing up box and sewing kit and returning everything to its rightful home, Mary Poppins style (how appropriate) before settling down to some blogging, a cuppa and some Sunday night telly (Harry Potter, Titanic, Homeland) while I wait for my orange-tinged boy to come home from work.

What a weekend! And to cheer me up about it coming to an end – a short week at work, a Hunger Games date with Laura and Game of Thrones starts Monday... YAY!

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  1. Love the Humbug skirt and love the snow queen fancy dress. Genius!