Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Out and about:Barrio North

A Rio Reunion

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I've been out and about a lot recently but I've been so busy (being out and about) that I haven't managed to write about any of the locations. I shall try to make a more concerted effort to do more reviews going forward! Scouts honour.
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So, I mentioned a few weeks back that I was reminiscing about Rio Carnival and last night I caught up with my Carnival buddies at a Brazilian themed bar in North London, called, imaginatively, Barrio NorthIt's vibrant, it's colourful, the music is cool, the staff are fun and approachable, the decor is funky (a ceiling covered in upside-down umbrellas, bar lamps made of upturned ice/beer buckets, candy skulls everywhere, bill posters, witty graffiti, and kitsch "furniture" such as a caravan installed towards the back in place of a private booth) and the happy hour is great value for money. The decor towards the back of the bark where I suspect it gets very busy later on in the night, made me think of windows and covered alleyways and gave the bar a bit of an open air, street party feel. We weren't there very late (seeing as it was a Tuesday night) but apparently, at a point in the night the music cranks up, a guy comes along, removes the low-level tables around which patrons are crowded, magically erects high-level tables from flaps in the walls, and tells people "now, you dance".

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Well. That's my kind of bar!

We met up during happy hour and so took it upon ourselves to buy all of our rounds before happy hour ended, resulting in a table covered in twenty caipirinhas...

economies of scale!
...and, alas, there is not much else I can tell you about that little trip!

It has a sister venue in Soho called Barrio Central that is, apparently, equally funky. So I'll be checking that out next!

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