Friday, 23 March 2012

Orange, Yellow and Green

Now, I hate matchy-matchy, but I do love a theme*.

So how happy was my little OCD heart when I spotted this traffic-light themeing on my desk? So happy. How much happier was I when I realised my weekend shoe dilemma carried the same theme? Literally. Ecstatic. No joke. Enough to post on my blog about it!

I'm surprised my parents never had me tested for autism...

orange, yellow and green bunnies (now demolished)

Orange, yellow and green shoes (soon to be worn)

Just another day in Victoria's world... la la la la la la


* girl bands in the same colour combos but different outfits, ice dancing couples in boy and girl versions of the same design, Bucks Fizz with their different colours, the Power Rangers in an array of colours, and the pinacle of my "not-matching-but-themed" obsession? STEPS! That is all.

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