Sunday, 12 February 2012

This Weekend: Victory Rolls, fascinators and a "celebrity" party!

So this weekend saw the close of the Thirtieth Birthday marathon with two birthday celebrations, a hen party, some girlie lunching and (not nearly enough) sofa surfing!
It all started at lunchtime on Friday when I headed over to Sarah’s hen celebrations part 3 (or 4, I’ve lost count. I love how birthdays and hen parties are no longer just a single-event event in my world! Part 1 is here) which was a Vintage Patisserie tea party.
In case we got lost...

At about 2.30pm I was announcing myself to the reception team at her office and at 2.34pm precisely I was sitting in the make up chair, holding a china teacup filled with prosecco having my hair curled in to Victory Rolls listening to vintage tunes, being served  cute sandwiches and homemade cakes and scones, waiting for my faux beauty spot to be placed delicately on my cheekbone and deciding which scented oil to choose for my hand massage.

Beautiful Katy Boo

Rocking my Victory Rolls

Claire looking Stylish!
I was in my element, and I can neither confirm nor deny that I went all crazy fangirl about meeting Angel… (OMG – I got your cookbook for Christmas, OMG – I love your hair/make up/outfit/music choice,  OMG - I loved you on Dragon’s Den, OMG – which was your favourite Dragon, OMG – can I work for you, OMG – can I friend you on Stalkbook, OMG – I have the same crockery as you… etc etc)

I wish I could do it every Friday. I’ll tell you all about it in more detail in a dedicated post.
Eventually Sarah’s boss kicked us out and we proceeded to take ourselves, in all our forties glory, on a bit of a bar crawl around various areas of London, chatting drunkenly on squishy sofas (now we’re house-buying, I’m checking out sofas everywhere we go!) at The Oyster Shed, sampling the lychee martinis and gin-based cocktails at The Waterloo Bar and Grill and The Book Club, respectively and then taking ourselves rolling in to a cab and trying to remain upright en route back to Claire’s house for some much needed sleep.
So much for our chilled out post-patisserie pyjama party plans!
Saturday morning saw me wake up with The. Worst. Hangover. I’ve ever had. Actually – I tell a lie, I think it was actually the third-worst hangover I’ve ever had. Either way, it was a bad-un!

Some cheese and ham croissants, a shower, a team hug, some prosecco for the pain (which didn’t really help) and we were ready to go on our private fascinator-making party – my birthday present from my Disney Princesses, my buy-one-get-one-frees and their Mamma Bears! So, essentially, this was If Carlsberg did Birthdays: Part 6. Again, I’ll do a full review in a separate post!
Our tutor arrived, set up her materials all over Claire’s (rather Stylish) lounge and we spent the next five hours cutting, stitching, ironing, bending, stretching, edging and modelling various bits of sinamay, feathers, netting, and ribbon whilst stuffing our faces with Magic Cakes and prosecco!

Probably the best hangover cure ever. All that craftiness made me completely forget about my banging head and shaking hands! Considering how hungover we were, I was really impressed with our creations!
On completion of my hat (to be worn at Sarah’s wedding), I packed up my stuff and took myself out in to the freezing cold to prepare for the final 30th birthday party of the most packed birthday month of all time!
the colour shcme!
The last of the Birthday Belles, Anna, had her party in Chelmsford, with a black and white theme – and so, obviously, the last Birthday Belle was dressed in her favourite colour: bright red! We spent the night dancing like crazy people, in clothing highly inappropriate for the temperatures (how old is too old to dress like Sally Bowles?), posing with inflatable numbers (it never gets boring!), trying to match up all the boy banders with their fellow members for “band” photos (got to love a famous person mask – especially when it’s Gaga!), and generally feeling like we can’t possibly be this old… or maybe that was just me!
Guess who's the Birthday Belle tonight?
At 2am (two hours later than I expected, or needed!) I rolled in to bed, sporting various injuries and finally got a hug with Mr G after not seeing him for what felt like weeks, and I slept like a baby until Mr G had to go to work.
Two fifths of Take That
So Sunday saw me do nothing more energetic than meet Kim B at our fave brunch place for a long hangover lunch, and tea and cake session, before a spot of dress shopping (lots of weddings come up – I need to plan plan plan my outfits!) and then some unashamed sofa surfing.
I have lots of personal admin to deal with and a list of about a hundred chores, but they’re all just going to have to wait whilst I recover from the last month of partying with a cup of tea, a hot water bottle and some Sunday night telly.
I am getting on a bit now you know… I just don’t have the energy for housework and partying. Something has to give, you know!
Sally Bowles outfit, Gaga face. Time to go home!

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