Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In Gaga We Trust

The new album arrives next week.
This makes me happy. In fact, this makes me ECSTATIC!
Her first album, The Fame, rocked my world. I listened to it non-stop for weeks. It was the soundtrack to some of my happiest memories of 2009. For example…

·    Katy and I made up a dance to Poker Face on a beach in Brisbane. We found a way around the “no music” rule by both listening to it on our iPods at the same time. Basically a silent disco for two. Yeah… we got some strange looks. But mainly they were from my mum. So there’s nothing different there.
·    Jumping around like loonies at V festival (after a slight tantrum when Oasis ruined everyone’s fun and my finely tuned plans) as she flung her shoes about and did nasty things to a piano.
·    My gorgeous friends and family dressed me up as Lady G on my hen weekend and they dressed up as my Pink-arazzi.  Some glorious rows with the doormen of Edinburgh ensued (“what do you mean I can’t come in with a wig on… what if I was bald? That’s discrimination. OOOOR, what if I ACTually was Gaga. You wouldn’t turn her away for wearing a wig would you?”) and some twit of a girl actually thought we were famous. Who were we to burst her bubble…
·    Rocking out with my girls on the dancefloor at my wedding, wearing my Lady Gaga glasses… Brings a tear of happiness to my eye just thinking about it.
·    The list is endless…

And then, when we wondered what she’d do next, she brought out the bonus mini-album, The Fame Monster. She burst on to our screens to promote it, dressed as an armour-plated, slightly unhinged cat in a giant bath and wiped the floor with Cheryl Cole with her live vocals on X Factor. HA!

Bad Romance was WICKED! Against the backdrop of her condemnation by religious bodies across the world, Baby Bro and I spent hours discussing the alleged hidden messages, masonic symbolism and the faintly disturbing imagery in her videos and the intelligence of her lyrics. She stopped being my latest girl crush and became a minor obsession. Actually, a major obsession. She was no longer just a musician and performer. She was a sociological study! Some would have you believe she was a new-gen Illuminatus... Hmmm.

Either way, I hadn’t loved anyone this much since Madonna.

So when she did the video for Alejandro, it was a complete homage to Madge. Heaven. I was no longer cheating on Madonna with Gaga, now they were virtually combined in to one person! Excellent, my hero worship became much simpler and I felt much less guilty!

And then? And THEN she performed on the Royal Variety Show, dressed as an S&M Elizabeth I and curtseyed to the Queen… later telling Jonathan Ross how excited and nervous she was to meet Queenie. Gaga loves Queen Liz I and Queen Liz II, too!

So, I don’t need to tell you that I managed to get my hands on tickets. I wore cat ears and Gaga glasses and sang or screamed at the top of my voice while she performed every live vocal and every energetic dance move with passion. This must have been what it felt like for my friends when they screamed for boybands back in the day. Or, in fact, last year. (Maybe fangirl is going to have to share the love around… Queenie and Gaga!?).

But then she went quiet and it was all about the fashion. Which blows my mind. But the music and performing blows my mind more.

So, when Born This Way dropped, I snaffled it up, another homage to Her Madgesty (anyone else accidentally start singing Express Yourself halfway through?) and me likey. But me likey Judas more (does the video make you think of Like a Prayer, too?) so I snaffled that up as well and I’ve listened to it non-stop since.

Which brings me to present day. She dedicated a song to Wills and Kate, changed the words to Orange Coloured Sky to make it a love story about the Royal Wedding then sat atop a grand piano and sang some old school jazz. Could I be any more excited?

Gaga hearts the Royals as much as me and a new album in less than a week. Happiness is...

Gaga being Queenie... Queenie and Gaga swapping style tips... Queenie being Gaga
God Save Lady Gaga. In Gaga we Trust.

Only 7200 minutes until the album drops......

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