Friday, 20 May 2011

We decorated...

.... six years after moving in, and probably about six months before moving out. But better late than never eh? Well, I say "we", I mean "I". Mr G made the tea and bought the paint. Still valuable contributions though.

Not much I can really say about it, to be honest. One of my friends said it looked "like a seaside B&B", which made my day, and can only be a good thing. Who doesn't want to wake up feeling like you're on holibobs every day? The only problem is actually then realising I'm not on holiday and then having to get up and go to work. Boo.

I also decorated in the midst of Royal Wedding fever and in my "nautical" obsession phase, meaning that the room is a bit of a mish-mash of extreme patriotism and nautical styling. It works for me for now. Call me in six months when we're trying to sell and ask me how much I like it then....

Then again, it could be worse. Ask my parents about my "under the sea" phase. Those of you that have visited Chez Hale will have witnessed the remnants of that phase... hmmmmm

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