Sunday, 5 February 2012

This weekend: birthdays, fringes and snowbombing

I met up with my Tea Shop Luvvies for what was meant to be a normal Friday night Fish n Chip and Cosmopolitans date, and turned in to If Carlsberg did Birthdays: Part 5 when they produced two boxes of presents.

Fish n chips for five!
Box one, from Jennalicious, contained the cutest books, a “make and do” book called Everything Alice – I can’t wait to move and make and do everything in it! The other, an Edward Monkton book about the Shoe of Salvation, and a cute Union Jack pin (for all the parties that I'll be having - obvs!). I love Edward Monkton’s barmy ramblings – so much in fact that we had one of his books, about dinosaurs, as a reading at our wedding.  Box two one that was so big it required two Luvvies to carry it! Obviously the whole pub turned to watch as I opened the largest Selfridges box I’ve ever been close to, let alone been the recipient of. Inside was a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl and two tea trios (a teacup, saucer and cake plate) from the Royal Albert 100 Years collection, a collection to celebrate their centenary with remakes of the popular designs from the last ten decades. The Luvvies chose me the Polka Rose design from the 1930s (pale green and white polka dots on the outside, white with pink and red roses on the inside) which couldn’t be more lovely – or more me!

I can’t wait until we start setting up home and I can start using them!!
We spent the rest of the evening eating our favourite fish and chips, drinking French martinis and Cosmopolitans, chatting and giggling until we were the last table left in the restaurant and, as with every time we go there, the staff ask us to leave!
Saturday I let Mr G sleep off his night shift in preparation for the big night ahead and took myself off in to town to my fave hair salon ever to be reunited with my fringe. Oh how I’ve missed it! Mr G however, has not. For some reason he hates the fringe, despises it even. When I walked back in he actually reeled and sighed "ohhhhh, friiiiiiiiiinge". No joke. Unfortunately for him, I like it, so it's staying.
The re-appearance of the fringe!
A spot of window-shopping to pass the time saw me succumb to what every magazine/fashion blog/stylist is telling me to do – I accidentally purchased a pair of coloured skinny jeans. They weren’t as bright as they could have been, in fact they’re a bit tame, in a mulberry colour. But I’ll have to work up to the bright green and blue pairs I've seen…
When I thought Mr G had had enough sleep I returned home, packed my bags and we set off for Uxbridge to celebrate Natasha’s (one of the Birthday Belles from last week’s celebrations) 30th birthday. Unfortunately I hadn’t spent enough time packing my bags, and ended up with a rather risky outfit choice, and no back up, in case I changed my mind on the green dress/polka dot tights/blue sparkly peeptoes/pink bag mash up. I added the tights when I realised that my idea about bare legs wasn’t a good one – I’m from Essex, not Liverpool. On reflection in the car, en route, I realised that my choices would actually make me look a bit like a children’s TV presenter. Too much of the crazy, not much of the classy!

We celebrated with cupcakes, cocktails, pink balloons, old school garage and a spot of late night snow bombing.
I laughed so much during our 2am snowball fight I could barely stand up… but I still fared better than a few others, who shall remain nameless, who spent a lot of time flat on their backs/faces in the snow!
Sunday Brunch
A skid and a slide back to the hotel  (sparkly blue peep toe stilettos are not conducive to remaining upright in snow) and we slept right through until check out, missing breakfast, so we packed the car up, drove home through the melting snow and got home to find a clearing party shovelling snow down our road. I love how the snow unites people! I grabbed some more sensible shoes from home (having forgotten to take anything other than heels with me) and we headed out for a late breakfast at our favourite brunch spot in town, then went shopping for baking ingredients and I spent the afternoon making cake pops whilst Mr G snoozed on the sofa in front of the rugby and the local kids made snowmen in the road and in our gardens.
Snow at home
Tea sets, afternoon baking, and Sunday snoozing - how very grown up. Snowball fights and bundles at 2am in the street – less grown up!
Life is about balance after all!

keeping my balance - just!

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  1. The tea set is amazing!!!! It's the closest I've ever seen to the gorgeous set that they use in Pride and Prejudice. I've been looking for years. Well done the 'Luvvies'