Friday, 7 October 2011


Last week was Kim's 30th birthday - an occasion requiring cake, and lots of it. We had dinner on Wednesday (her un-birthday!) and, as Kim is nursing her baby boy and he's intolerant to all the yummy stuff in cakes, as a treat I had gluten-free and dairy-free personalised cupcakes made by a local bakery.

Awww, sweet.

Nope, they were anything but. They were the. Most. Disgusting. Cupcakes. Ever.


That's Kim, that is. And she's holding the evil cakes. Ick.
They were an insult to the word cupcakes. Thank god for the jam that held the soap-flavoured "icing" to the cardboard-flavoured "sponge". That was the only bit that actually tasted edible.

I'm sure the lady that made them did her best within the parameters I set, but really, she should have just declined the business!

Thankfully on Saturday at the main party (more on this later, I suspect) we were allowed to have cake with all the nasty (i.e. tasty) stuff in it. You will also be pleased to hear that I didn't make said tasty cake. I purchased a lovely white, plain-iced chocolate cake from the lovely people at Waitrose. It was yum. It made me wonder why I spent so much flipping money on my wedding cake - but that's not a discussion for now. I spent a little while looking at it, drawing stuff on it with edible felt tips, freaking out about making spelling mistakes on it, and flinging edible glitter and silver sugar balls at it in an artistic manner... well... a manner.

I also lost my mind a bit and thought it would be a good idea to make Cake Pops. As if I didn't have enough to do to prepare for the party, I thought it would be a good idea to start crumbling up red velvet cakes, rolling them in to balls and then covering the kitchen in coloured candy melts and assorted sprinkles as I decorated them until 2am...and I tell you what... they actually turned out ok, if I do say so myself. So here are a few pictures.

The recipe was from the Love Bakery cupcake book. This book also contains "Cuptails", cupcakes based on classic cocktails and containing alcohol. One word: Amaze.

Finally, here's me looking all chuffed with my handiwork at Kim's parents' house (I made the letters, decorated the cakes and made the cake pops) before getting ready for the party.

Me and Cake. Cake that's not evil, but pretty and nice.
Yay me!

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