Saturday, 14 May 2011

Do you have a girl crush?

Because I do. Lots.
Not just on famous people, but on a few “real life” people too. I’ll keep those to myself though, otherwise it could get a bit, uh, weird. I do get confused though, is it a girl crush if you want to BE the girl or if you want to be friends WITH her? Sometimes I want to do both, sometimes one or t’other.  Urban Dictionary provides no assistance, with definitions for both the former and the latter.

So here’s the list, in no particular order. It’s also interchangeable. Tomorrow it could look completely different. Except for the obvious… you know who I mean!

1.       P-Middy
That dress? What more do you need from me?
2.       Lady Gaga
Because she was born that wa-hey
3.       Fearne Cotton
I heart her nostrils (and her hair and her clothes and her face and her job…)
4.       Davina McCall
I want her to be my Big Sister
5.       Helena Bonham-Carter
Just exquisite, but the original bonkers bird.
6.       Emma Watson
Mainly so I can copy her homework, but I'd also borrow her Burberry mac and steal her Lancome lippie and get her to introduce me to her best buds...

7.       Lily Allen
Cos she’s just a normal girl, innit
8.       The Duchess of Cambridge
You need an explanation?

9.       Victoria Beckham
...the wardrobe, the career, those cute kiddies… Mr Beckham…

10.   Dianna Agron
She just fills me with Glee

Who's yours?

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