Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fancy dress 2013

I love fancy dress. I love to put a lot of thought and effort in to my fancy dress. And so I seem to write about my fancy dress excursions, costumes and experiences a lot.

My two most recent fancy dress costumes were constructed for two of my besties as we celebrated some exciting events.

When I grow Up...
Firstly, Katy turned thirty and had a "when I grow up party". I was finding it hard to pick an appropriate career choice to dress up as, but eventually I settled on being a cheerleader. I made my own outfit, with bits and bobs from some cheap high street shops and a trolley load of sequins and glittery fabric.

And some rose gold wedge trainers... an obvious wardrobe staple.

Gimme a K, gimme an A, gimme a T, gimme a Y...... cos I gotta!

Attention to detail! Team 30!!

latest wardrobe staple...

Katy arrived as Legally Blonde - she is actually both, so it was a great choice. We wanted her to be a bunny girl though! Boo.
Claire came as Annie. She's actually a stylist, and although she grew up singing, it was not in an orphanage.
Nicky came as pathologist. She's actually a barrister.
Sarah came as Madonna. I can confirm that she is not Madonna.
Alison (of first Caterpillar fame) came as Willy Wonka, accessorised with Maverick. I'm pretty sure she does not own a chocolate shop.

So, clearly it was only Katy who followed her childhood dreams...

Legally Blonde

Cheerleader, Legally Blonde, Annie and a pathologist.

Willy Wonka and Maverick
Madonna and Slash

Elephant watcher and an astronaut

Honey Monster!
Best fancy dress of the night has to go to The Honey Monster.

Best career aspiration of the night has to go to Liz* for elephant watching (they are my first-fave animal after all) although she actually became an accountant. There's not a lot of elephant watching jobs going around these parts.

Best excuse for wearing a parrot costume (!?!?!) has to go to Tim. He wanted to fly...

Parrot.... ?
Great costuming! Great career aspirations! Great party!

Mad Wacey Tea Party...
Secondly, we all dressed up in Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed fancy dress for Claire's  EPIC hen weekend.

I was designated the Caterpillar and the brief was "glam, ATNM, photo shoot" rather than "local Am-Dram production"... quite how you're supposed to make a Caterpillar glam I don't know. I did a lot of research and most pictures involved slinky maxi dresses and cigarette holders.

I took inspiration from Holly Golightly because of the pipe and took the rest of the outfit from there. I purchased a tight blue midi dress and sewed little pink "feet" to my "belly-side". I got my hands on (in!) some long blue satin gloves, piled my hair up and donned some twinkly antennae in place of a tiara and went one better than the cigarette holder and used one of my many (un-used, decorative only) hookah pipes as an accessory.

Claire was the Mad Hatter and wore a variety of funky items and accessories. I remember the details of none, because I was so fixated on her ACTUAL Chanel sequined tuxedo jacket (borrowed from Katy), Katy came as Alice, borrowing my dress last at my Jubilee party last summer. Nicky dressed up as the White Rabbit and Claire and Nicky's Mamma Bear, Michele, of course, came as the Queen of Hearts. Liz* and Sarah came as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Mel rocked a Cheshire Cat outfit, Sarah (there were at least seven of them on the hen do) came as a flamingo and Jennie donned a giant teapot to transform herself in to the sleeping dormouse. Everyone else went mad on the themeing with flowers, cards, colour and stripes everywhere. It was amazing!

Great effort team!

* Liz is my newest Two-for-One (complete with sister Sarah) and I promised her a "pink word" and so here it is. Henceforth I shall always be able to link back to this post about her epic fancy dress creations!

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