Thursday, 25 April 2013

Out and About: Fine(ish) dining for Mr G's birthday

I missed Mr G's birthday this year. I was away on Wonder Hen. I felt bad so I bought him a Birthday Hoe.

Get your minds out of the gutter. I also bought him a spade and a rake, amongst other things. He's getting old - he asked for gardening stuff. Boring!

Anyway, to make up for missing his actual birthday, I took Monday off work, partly for Wonder Hen recovery, but mainly for a little bit of a birthday celebration and present shopping.

I managed about 30 mins more than usual as a lie in and then we hustled to London for breakfast at The Wolseley. I've been wanting to try their famous breakfast for a long time now, and seeing as Mr G is a bit of an eggs benedict aficionado it was the perfect place to get the day started. We even spotted a few (slightly) famous faces in there. Well, Mr G did... him and his sister are experts at it. I saw no one, mainly becuase I was concentrating hard on my pancake stack. Mmmmm-mmm.

Next stop was the Burlington Arcade where Mr G was very patient whilst I salivated over some Laduree and Lulu Guinness delicacies. I also may have purchased some.... Naughty Mrs G.

The second part of the birthday plan involved a tour of the various Nespresso boutiques in the capital to pick a machine and some capsules. Now we're 31 we felt it was time to properly join the Grown Up Club and buy a new coffee machine.

I can't write about it twice, it still boggles my mind, so watch out later for a full post. Let me tell you this much, it was BIZARRE!

To celebrate joining Nespresso Club we plonked ourselves in the Parlour at Sketch for some champagne and patisserie. Again, I've been wanting to dine here for a long time, but my lemonade budget doesn't really stretch to my champagne tastes except on special occasions. I thought Mr G would appreciate the bonkers decor and I was in my Kitsch Clutter element. The highlight has to be the space pod toilets, accessorised with a real life French maid. Bonkers.

After that we rolled home to chill on the sofa for a while (I blogged about Wonder Hen and Mr G read his Nespresso manual from cover to cover. Twice) and then we met Family G for dinner.

So that's it. We're both now 31. We're both old. All exciting blog posts will now cease and will be mainly about the various coffees we can make with our newest kitchen gadget and the gardening he's doing with all his new implements...

Bet you're well excited.

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