Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dior Addict

I need your help! I am Victoria and I am a Dior Addict.

No no. Not the perfume.. the clothes! Is there anything more feminine than a classic Dior silhouette? The waist, the pouff, the hat... J'adore Dior... sorry, I couldn't resist another perfume pun.

Everyone knows how much I love a nipped in waist and a big pouffy skirt, not to mention a statement hat. I practically have Vivien of Holloway on speed dial for special occasions and if you follow my Pinterest feeds you'll notice two very distinct dress shapes filling up my "Dress Envy" and "My Style" boards.

My most recent VoH outing!
Of course it's no coincidence that my fave dress from awards season was a Dior delicacy, and that my newest girl crushes (they would be Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence in case you hadn't been following) are Dior's newest faces.

So anyway, I have about twenty weddings to go to this year (as per usual) and I'm pretty much sorted for outfits... for all but one. For that one I would like to find a very, special and particular outfit. Not least because the bride is a celebrity stylist, no less!

Luckily I have a definitive idea of what that outfit looks like.

Unluckily I don't have the means to make it happen.

It basically looks like this Dior dress...

... or perhaps this dress, but in a less sombre colour... 

... or this dress in a less wedding-dressy colour....

...or one of these skirts...

...and perhaps this coat-dress for when it gets cold in the evening.

So, to the bit where you help me...

Question 1) Any ideas where I can get a high street rip off of any of the above?

If no, then this brings me to Question 2) Does anyone know any millionaires looking to help poor designer-clothing-deprived Dior Addicts achieve their dream of one day owning haute couture (I'd also settle for ready-to-wear), or perhaps have a knack for predicting next week's lottery numbers?

I'm sorted for accessories, so no need to worry about those at this stage.

Thanks in advance,

Dior-Deprived of Essex.

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