Monday, 1 April 2013

Replacing The Perfect Wedge...

Every summer I buy a new pair of wedges. And then never wear them. Why? Well, let me explain...

I bought a pair about ten years ago that I just adore. They are The Perfect Wedge.

They are gold leather with a neutral wedge. They have a strappy front, a bit of a peep toe, a sling back and a curved sole that makes them easier to walk in than the completely flat wedges. Even on cobbles. They were the last pair in their style bought for about twenty quid in a Faith sale (remember Faith?) at Lakeside.

I LOVE them so, so, so much. They go with everything. Literally, EVERYthing. Ok, maybe not socks. Actually, they probably would.

They are comfy, they manage to tone down my cankles and take a few pounds off my legs with their shape and they are light enough to pack in a corner of my carry on luggage for weekends away in the sun.

I'm telling you - The Perfect Wedge.

The problem is, I know that one day they will die on me. So for the last eight years I've been trying to find The Perfect Wedge Replacement. This means I have bought countless pairs of Potential Perfect Wedges, which I try out for a few weeks and then return to The Perfect Wedge in disappointment, but secretly pleased about the reunion.

I often begrudgingly wear the Imperfect Wedges between Perfect Wedge wears, so as to prolong Perfect Wedge's longevity. It's a science, people.

Anyway... Behold!! This year's Potential Perfect Wedge...

And they have stripes... bonus!

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