Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas wish list 2012

Dear Santa
Last year I wrote you a fantasy list and you did very well in working your way through it. So this year I thought I'd send you another one.
As a child I used to rip out pictures from the Argos catalogue, create a Christmas wish list collage and annotate with page references and prices. As I got older I replicated this with pages from the Harvey Nichols and Liberty websites.
Where my tastes went up, lottery wins in my household did not. So, Santa, I'm relying on you to come through for me...

The never-in-a-million-years-but-I'm gonna-try-it-anyway list:

The pushing-it-a-bit-but-worth-asking-because-stranger-things-have-landed-under-the-tree list:


The slightly-more-realistic list:

The (high-end) Stocking Fillers:

  • Malibu Cheesecake by Olivia De Berardinis - I bought some postcards from this collection of American cheesecake illustrations in Santa Barbara and I've been meaning to buy the book ever since!
  • Celebrate by Pippa Middleton - of course I need this book! Not just party planning, but party planning by P.Middy
  • Great Adventures and Great Journeys from the Lonely Planet series - because I love a travel book! 
  • A new balloon dog - to keep my current ballon dog company, even though Mr G hates him!
  • Alphabet Bags - for early morning mirror motivation and wash bag identification
  • Name necklace from Tatty Devine - in case I get lost
  • Bathroom goodies - Philosophy, Redken, Soap and Glory and Burts Bees
  • Perfumes - Stella McCartney Peony in Two, Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel Coco Noir and Miss Dior Cherie
  • Lounge wear - onesies, pyjamas, snuggly socks, slippers and hoodie
  • DVDs and music - for all that sofa lounging I'll be doing in January
  • and finally, the Olympics and Paralympics DVDs - for the Memories! Who doesn't want to sob at a montage on Christmas day?

As a reminder, we've moved house and for the first time ever I won't be sleeping at my parents' on Christmas Eve, so don't forget where to find me, this year I actually have a bed!
With much love
P.S. I'll still leave out the whiskey and mince pies, and carrots for the reindeer... x


  1. You don't want much, do ya? ;)

    1. Ha ha! My family ask for a very comprehensive list and there's lots of them! Think of it a more of a pick list, or a source of Christmad gift idea inspiration! Tee hee!