Sunday, 9 December 2012

Every home needs...

... a kitsch, white, faux leather, diamante-studded bar.

Don't you think?
Allure drinks bar (currently only available in black) from Dwell

Mr G seems to disagree and has refused to engage with my attempts to even discuss buying this little beauty, so he certainly won't let me fantasise about where we should place it... at what party we'd unveil it... whether I'd stock it with Hendrick's gin or Bombay Sapphire... would I need heels to look slimmer when standing behind it... would I stand behind it, or slightly to the side of it with a nonchalant lean of the elbow when serving drinks.....

I think he knows that in my world, fantasies don't stay fantasies for long. As I outlined in my (lack of a) bucket list post before my 30th birthday. If I set my mind to something and decide I really, really want something, very little stands in my way. Physical restrictions, laws (both the legal-type ones and the science-type ones) and lack of lottery wins being the only barriers I have thus far encountered.

I think he knows, much like my parents, that any sign of weakness in his argument (i.e. a non-commital "maaaaybe" or a half-hearted "no, I don't think so" often becomes an "ok then", or a "flipping heck, fine!" and anything less than a firm, fierce and direct "no, Victoria, cease and desist" is basically just an invitation to negotiate) against the purchasing of this bar would result in him coming home to find it, in pride of place in the lounge, Del Boy style.

But, come on, you agree, right?

This would look awesome in my white-themed conservatory, sorry mini Orangery, and imagine how much fun I'd have knocking up Pink Chelseas for my guests from behind it?

*cue wobbly screen fade to an imagined drinks party and me all Bet Lynch behind the bar....*

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