Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas decorating

This is our first Christmas in our new home.

This is a GREAT excuse for new Christmas decorations.

Themed ones! With colour schemes! Different colour schemes for each room! And a real tree... at last!

But, erm, nope.

We went in search of a real Christmas tree but they all looked a bit bedraggled and made me feel sad, plus I always get upset about throwing the tree out on Twelfth Night. So for this year we kept our old fake tree and I couldn't make up my mind on colours for the new decorations, so we stuck with what we had (white and feathery) in that department as well.


But then one of my lovely Luvvies came round for afternoon tea and brought with her some beautiful pink, hand decorated glass baubles as a house warming present. The same pink as my funky lampshades and silk (faux, but shhhh!) cushions. And there was my 2012 colour scheme. Hurrah!

Hot pink, white and silver in the lounge, which meant that the rustic, wooden, red and white decorations went out in the hall way and the pale blue and lilac that I'd been coveting, but couldn't place, went out in the conservatory. Oh, and the uber-kitsch "Christmas Crap" (as Mr G calls it) plus the decorations I pick up every winter on our annual family festive trip, just goes everywhere! He hates it, I love it, so it's staying! If you can't chuck tacky decor all over your house during December, then when can you?

And who doesn't love a herd of glittery reindeer, neon candy canes, a Mickey Mouse ears disco ball bauble and bouncing reindeer?


I was too pushed for time to do all the decorations in one go, so the last two weeks have been a long process, well documented on Instagram, of a decoration a day, which I've posted here...

I promise I'll have more classy decorations next year (*crosses fingers behind back...*)

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