Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I Love Autumn

In the Summer it may not be sunny. In the Winter it may not snow. In Spring the weather just gets on my nerves.

But in Autumn it's just lovely.

Snuggly parka for Autumn
You're expecting cold crisp days with golden leaves falling from the trees - and you generally get it. If you don't - it's not the end of the world because what's nicer than being snuggled indoors, with a cuppa, a blanket and your fave book/film/ITV costume drama series written by Julian Fellowes, watching the howling wind and lashing rain?

Christmas jammies...
... and a festive onesie

I don't mind rain-watching when it's MEANT to be raining. I don't mind dark and gloomy skies when it's MEANT to be dark and gloomy. I don't mind the cold when I have lovely new boots/coats/hats, gloves, scarves/ear muffs to be worn.

Family birthdays
And let's not forget what Autumn means every year (a mental list I compiled after reading this post on Florence Finds):
  • trashy telly
  • period dramas
  • hot chocolate and other hot speciality drinks (egg nog, gingerbread lattes, mulled wine, spiced cider, winter Pimm's) arriving on menus up and down the high street
  • snuggly pyjamas or, in fact, ONESIES
  • fireworks and sparklers
  • the countdown to Christmas
and this year we also had some added excitement with an engagement party, a trip to see Cabaret, a visit to Harry Potter Studios for a family birthday, some James Bond action and I CUT MY FRINGE BACK IN! Sorry Mr G.

The fringe is back!

 As I said in my comment on the post:

Things I’m specifically looking forward to this Autumn/Winter are:
1) spending a whole weekend with my Mr preparing for our first Christmas in our new pad: picking out new seasonal decorations, putting them up, making christmasy treats, inviting our friends and family over to eat and drink them, and then snuggling up together under a blanket to eat the leftovers together. Now to just find that weekend…
2) listening to rain crashing on the glass of our new conservatory (now the big fat hole the burglars made is fixed of course), and snuggling up under a cosy blanket with a good book and cuppa.
3) similarly, one of my most memorable New Year’s Day mornings was when I slept on a kitchen chair in a conservatory (don’t ask) and I watched the New Year sun rise over a snowy, countryside horizon. I’m hoping it snows a lot (sorrry!) so I can attempt to replicate this feeling, again in our new conservatory. (you might not have noticed, but all of a sudden the conservatory that I once hated is now my fave thing in the world. Strangely, it’s the winter that’s made me love it, not the summer!)
4) getting round to hosting a house warming party – we may not have used the BBQ in the summer, but we are not letting 2012 end without christening it – it’s a beast!
5) wearing colourful opaque tights, boots, knits, layers, scarves, hats and mittens – at ALL times! I look so much better in winter clothes. FACT!
6) wintery drinks at all high-street coffee shops – Gingerbread Lattes, Black Forest mochas, minty hot chocolates
7) burning candles
8) wrapping up warm to head outside and then stripping it all off upon reaching your destination – who doesn’t love a glitzy evening dress hidden under a parka
9) wintery cocktail parties
10) Christmas shopping
11) dark nail polish
12) glitter and sequins… the Christmas countdown makes it acceptable for adults to wear these in daylight.
13) root vegetables – in and with everything.
14) planning my entry for the annual family soup competition

15) eating lots and lots of colourful soup.

I really, really love Autumn.

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  1. where did you get the christmas jammies from?? they're sooo nice!