Friday, 23 November 2012

Party dress (round III)

I'm still having trouble finding the perfect Christmas party dress. I'll always be having trouble finding the perfect party dress. There will never be a time that I'm 100% satisfied with the dresses I have in my wardrobe. Even my wedding dress which, incidentally, I've worn more times that I've worn most of the party dresses in my wardrobe (make of that what you will!), still makes me wonder.

I'll always, always, be looking for the perfect dress. I know I'll never find it. I could be a multi-millionaire, or a world famous A-lister and walk a thousand red carpets in my pick of the designer dresses for that season, or the most exquisite vintage gowns and I'll still ask my (long suffering) friends "Is this THE dress? Are you SURE? I just don't KNOW!"

I bought a pretty cool dress for my 30th birthday. It was unusual, had the wow factor, fitted well, wasn't something many people would have seen before, came in at a reasonable price (for a special occasion dress, considering I'm pretty tight with what I spend on individual items) and was pretty comfy. All in all, a winner. So much so, that a minor celebrity recently wore it (8 months later I hasten to add) on the red carpet at the Elle Women Awards. A Hollywood celeb with a fashion range, not a TOWIE or MIC celeb, so that makes it sylish, ok?

I've been looking for another occasion to wear it, but the opportunity hasn't arisen, and seeing as it's white, glitzy and shows a bit of skin, it's unlikely it ever will. I considered it for one of my Christmas events, but it's just not right. But what is right (maybe) is the black version!

Is this ASOS beaded mini dress my Christmas party dress?


Please say yes...

Could I even style it up as a twenties dress for New Year's Eve? I know the cut and shape is wrong, but the pattern and beading? A headdress and some vintage-style accessories and I reckon I can make it work... do you?

Not sure I'll get much "flapping" done in this dress though. It's not really Charleston-friendly...

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