Monday, 27 August 2012

Summer of Slipper

How did that happen?

One minute it was June, I was whinging about being homeless and moving house with the mother of all hangovers and then all of a sudden it’s nearly September! I never got around to a July round up as my June round up was a bit late and August arrived too quickly, so I thought I’d mash it all up in to a Summer of Slipper post instead.

After a ker-flipping-razy June, July calmed down slightly and I spent most of my weekends and quite a few evenings decorating, ripping out 1970s fitted bedroom furniture, dragging out carpets, painting squares of colour all over the house and having minor (plus one major) domestics in various furniture and DIY stores across the county. We spent most of July living in what looked like a cross between a building site and a squat, only a bit more messy. On a fun scale of 1 – 10, I’d put July at about a 4. Until, that is, THE GREATEST PARTY ON EARTH CAME TO LONDON (and then they handed the flame over to the home of what used to be the Biggest Party on Earth!).

Handing over to Rio
Yes people, the Olympics happened.

And that was that for decorating and refurbishing until the middle of August. I sat on my sofa, when I wasn't jumping on it, or leaping off it, and was glued to the coverage for hours... or in fact weeks!

I can’t put in to words how much I loved those two weeks of Olympic hysteria. I tried my best in a  little post of highlights and also a little round up for Florence Finds, after I attended the tennis at Wimbledon. The Olympics made what could have been some very stressful and lonely summer evenings (Mr G was working at them and hasn’t been home since the end of May, basically) rather enjoyable. I would also like to send my apologies to my Facebook friends for filling up their news feeds for two solid weeks with my Olympic wittering. Standby for the Paralympics!
Olympic fever!
In amongst the decorating and Olympics I did manage to fit some other activities in, mainly focussed around cocktails, cupcakes, weddings and birthdays. Of course!

I felt very un-cool whilst checking out Apples and Pears over in Brick Lane for a cocktail tea party. It seems that I’m just not down with the funky East London kids. I am however perfectly qualified to much on cupcakes and drink cocktails all night!
cocktails and cupcakes at Apples and Pears
I drank cocktails on the highest roof terrace in Europe at Sushi Samba, but freaked out in the lift on the way up and down (40 floors in an exterior glass lift!). Scary times!

What a view at dinner?

View from Sushi Samba. Eeek!
I caught up with my Powder Puff Girls/Disney Princesses for a Mexican (cocktails) and Thai (food)combo Claire’s birthday and we gave her one of the best presents ever. All will be revealed in a blog post coming soon.

I watched an open-air Michael Jackson tribute concert from our private balcony party at Wahaca in Canary Wharf and embarrassed myself in front of my entire team pulling out my aging Thriller moves!
Open air concert in the Wharf!
I drank tea, ate cake, stuffed myself with scones, guzzled fresh lemonade and caught up with some old faces at a tea party with my lovely Tea Shop Luvvies.

Afternoon tea with the Luvvies

I partied Hawaiian style  on the hottest day of the year, so far, at a garden BBQ, whilst toasting the arrival of a friend’s little girl with a coconut cocktail cup full of water as it was just too hot for anything alcoholic (what a day to be pushing?!).

Hawaiian party style!
I attended a lovely wedding and felt very Great Gatsby (how sad am I that it’s not due out now until next year?) with a ceremony on a lake, garden games and bubbly in a beautiful garden by an ornamental pool.

Wedding on a lake
I went a bit crazy on the midi length dresses worn for various weddings and birthday celebrations. Must be because I'm getting older now? He he!

Midi dress one
Midi dress two
I unfortunately missed what appeared to be an amazing hen party for someone special, but I was there in spirit and will make up for it at the wedding!

We all finally turned thirty, but nothing really changed!

I rounded off my summer, and my youth it seems, with a rave in a field to celebrate the last of my school girls turning thirty. Because our raving days are done, now that we are all finally the big Three-Oh, we started the day with a grown up champagne breakfast chez moi, having finally gotten the ground floor in a state to receive guests.

Grown up pre-raving breakfast!
Raving in a field!
I spent the best part of a day trying to convince Mr G that we need to get a puppy, specifically one of the siblings of our friends' teeny, tiny miniature cockapoo puppy. The. Cutest. Dog. EVER!

Katy having puppy snuggles!
And last, but not least, I appeared on Florence Finds as a REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR with a “Girl About Town” column! Yay me! Check out my posts on the last Tuesday of every month.

Phew. What a summer. It’s nearly Autumn and the BBQ I bought Mr G for his 30thhas remained largely untouched. I'm whiter than white. I have barely worn swimming attire. I also haven’t even gotten close to planning a house warming party. Let’s hope we have an Indian summer and I’ll try and fit it in then…

Anyway, what’s next? Well, it’s back to school in a BIG way with an extremely busy September and hopefully a break in October when Mr G finally gets released from his Olympic shift pattern on 1st October.
Stay tuned for all the September excitement…

P.S. Check out my Instagram feed for all the details in picture form!

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