Monday, 20 August 2012

Disney Villains

I love that after all these years of Disney Princesses, TinkerBell and friends and cuddly goodies, the Villains are finally getting in on the act. Great work Disney.

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I wanted Cruella de Vil's number plate, I coveted the Evil Queen's perfect eyebrows and red lippie so much  that I replicated the look on my wedding day, no one rocks a scarlet nail and a cocktail ring like Maleficent (I bought one just like it a few years back and think of her every time I wear it!) and don't get me started on the Queen of Hearts. Anne Hathaway almost convinced me to join the White Queen fan club with her crazy-unhinged-rather-than-sickly-sweet personna, but I stood strong. Either way, I prefer them both to Alice! And then there's the Wicked Witches of Oz, poor misunderstood Nessarose and Elphaba. Glinda/Galinda (depending on if you've read the book!) just got right on my nerves.

I seem to have this urge, when faced with a sickeningly sweet storyline that's clearly going to conclude with a happy ending, for everything to just go wrong. I wanted The Penguin to win the election. I wanted Poison Ivy to take out Batman and Robin with her mate Dr Freeze. I wanted Rachel to get on the plane with Emma and leave Ross in New York. I wanted Andie to tell the boyfriend to rack off in The Devil Wears Prada and stick with her job. I wanted Keira Knightley's character in Love Actually to run off with the best friend. I like it when the baddies get away or central characters get cut unexpectedly, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones style. I liked The Hunger Games' slightly bitter-sweet ending. I hate, hate, hate Barbie and all her plastic, squeaky pink-ness. I only had one Barbie and I cropped her hair, coloured it in with black marker pen and gave her an early version of goth make up. Ha. My sole Sindy doll faired slightly better, just.
If there has to be a “goodie” I like them to be a bit dark – (new) Bond, Bourne, Batman, even Harry Potter has that strange dark side where he’s not sure if he’s going all Slytherin with the Parseltounge and what not. That's why I loved Inception (no spoilers!). Who’s the “goodie”? Who’s the “baddie”? Who cares… it has one of the best film endings, ever!

Anyway, we all know that Disney is my happy place, mainly because of the unending positivity and the themeing. Themeing everywhere! But the fact that the Villains are finally getting their time in the spotlight makes me very happy!

I was never really in to dolls, as I mentioned above, but if they had these dolls when I was a kid I would have made a few exceptions. Probably a bit old for all that now, though. Dammit.

Just to clarify, I don't often peruse the Disney blog - I navigated there via an article on another site. Promise!But just to get back to the grown up side of things, have you seen the Christian Louboutin Cinderella Slipper? Or that a number of designers will be creating gowns for their fave Disney Princesses for Christmas window displays at Harrods? And that Minnie Mouse will be featuring in a fashion show at London Fashion Week?

There you go, I managed to turn it around from cartoons to shoes just before the end. Phew!


P.S. I am 100% of sound mind, am not a psycho/serial killer/manic depressive/recluse/devil worshipper. I like nice things too, just not a sugar-coated happy ending, all the time. :-)

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