Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I’ve spent the past few weeks formulating a post about positivity, optimism and gratitude, mainly inspired by the flush of Olympic and Paralympic fever I’m feeling, and also because of numerous life changes occurring right now. However I just couldn’t find the right slant, words or message.

I wrote about five or six drafts and, where I normally I just write from the heart, check back through then hit ‘upload’, this post kept getting stuck in blog limbo. The words came out, they just didn’t sit right on the page. The thoughts were there, I just couldn’t get them in order. So I let it go, to re-visit at another time.

And then this letter turned up in my Dad’s office building…

And it says it all.

5th August 2012

Hello, enclosed is one lottery ticket.
I am a student at University and a YouTuber who has recently started receiving daily messages of hate (specifically homophobic) including some telling me ‘to die’.

These comments have been hurtful and I will admit they got to me. I don’t believe in responding to hate with more hate so instead I chose a different approach because the smallest things can make or break someone’s day.
This address was chosen at random, no record of it will be kept. This is one of ten letters I will send.

I hope this brings you some hope and helps to restore some faith in humanity. Most of all I hope it has brightened your day.
Good luck for Wednesday Saturday :)

So you see now, why I just couldn’t find the words…

Because, really, there are none.


  1. How strange, wonderfully strange! What a lovely thing to do being able to turn round from such negative nasty bullying and rising above them and making someone's day, bet your dad was shocked!

    1. Wonderfully strange indeed! Very shocked, but it's one of those things we'll be keeping and will remember for years to come!