Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Out and about: Mad Hatter's afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel

On Sunday we spent the afternoon doing one of my favourite things - eating cake and drinking cocktails, in a fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed (we know I love a theme) afternoon tea for Katy's birthday at The Sanderson Hotel.

Getting a Saturday atfernoon reservation was  very tricky so we resorted to a Sunday, which wasn't ideal, and even then we only had a two hour slot on the table. Also, it definitely wasn't cheap, but it was worth it for a once-in-a-while treat, if just for the themed menu!

Rainbow sandwiches
We kicked off with cocktails (one of each, so we could try them all), and then got started on our rainbow sandwiches whilst the waitress gave us the (rather strict) instructions on how best to work our way through the sweet delicacies!

First we were told to try the exploding hazelnut ice cream lollipop, a chocolate-covered dollop of ice cream on a stick! Ouchie on my sensitive teeth, but creamy and yummy!
hot and cold lollies
Next up, the hot and cold blueberry lolly. The instructions were to hold the sugar side against our tongues, for the “cold” sensation and then flip it over for the “warmth” of the blueberry side. I’m not quite sure how, but the temperature changes actually work!

Curiouser and curiouser!

After the rush to get to the lollies, we slowed down and took our time stuffing our faces with miniature scones, plain and fruit, slathered in delicious preserves and spoonfuls of clotted cream.
Mini scones
At this stage we felt that we had a bit more room for more rainbow sandwiches and so ordered another round (diet starts Monday, right?) and it was rude not to have a glass of bubbly to accompany them. I’m pretty sure it’s the law that if there’s smoked salmon on my plate, there needs to be bubbly in my glass!
Drink Me dessert mixture
After finishing our sandwiches, we tried out the “Drink me” bottle, which was filled with Passionfruit Jelly, Coconut pannacotta and Exotic Foam (basically exotic fruit mushed up!). The rules are (and they’re quite strict about the rules!), you drink it through the straw so that the flavours and textures don’t mix. Unusual but delicious!

Eat me Queen of Hearts mousse

After that we devoured the “Eat me” Queen of Hearts strawberries and cream mousse and finished with the “I’m late, for a very important date” chocolate and coffee layered clock, oh and maybe a round of lychee martinis to wash it down!
Chocolate and coffee Rabbit Clock

We completed our day with another round of cocktails (thank you Nicola) and an impromptu photo shoot in the funky hotel lobby.
Probably the most expensive afternoon tea I've ever eaten, in the shortest time, but to have a catch up with the girls, and some much needed chat and chill time, in cute little outfits, it was worth every penny!

Next up? Perhaps the Stephen Webster Bijoux Afternoon Tea at the Langham (a.k.a the girliest hotel ever)... but maybe I need to give my plastic a rest first!
The coolest bar stools, ever. Fact.

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