Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter weekend

This Easter weekend (and in fact the whole week) was a big one!

minty caramel nails!

After a fun-packed week of caipirinhas, The Hunger Games and a trip to Baumann's Brasserie I woke up feeling like I needed to sleep for another five hours on Friday morning. Instead I had breakfast with the boy who  Was heading out for the day, completed some chores, painted my nails (caramel with minty green accents) and then headed over to see Katy with a bag of gold shoes from which I wanted her to pick her birthday present. She's a tough present target, so I thought that if I narrowed down some options, presented them and then invite a final decision from the wearer was the best course of action in this shoe-as-present-based dilemma! 

home alone with a mini bunny and mini prosecco... dangerous!

Friday night was dinner and drinks and then a reasonably early night (1am) as I was up early on Saturday for a trip to The Sanctuary followed by some general mooching!

what happens when I'm left alone with the bunnies...

And the big day itself: Easter Sunday! The day that we celebrate the birth of the Easter Bunny, to Cadburys, in a cave? And there's something about a shroud... Maybe a shiny purple foil shroud? And an egg-shaped rock covering the entrance to the cave... That was guarded by fluffy yellow chicks?

a bunny invasion
That's the true message of Easter, right? Hmmmmm....

Useful Easter gifts from Germany!

Sunday started with brunch at my parents' with our family friends from Cologne. Nowhere does Easter like Europe, and so we did our best to replicate it in Essex. Big continental brunch, easter decorations and a mini egg hunt (even though we're all actual grown ups!). After that we popped over to see my inlaws whilst my family headed off to Battlesbridge Antique market and some riverside afternoon tea, before the rest of the family arrived for what we call "Mini Christmas". A big traditional family day: food, chats, debates, games, more food, bubbly, films and general Goodtimes before we collapsed in to bed.

Easter Egg Hunting

Monday started with another family champagne brunch  followed by a Girls vs Boys game of Trivial Pursuit... Which the girls won. As per usual! So that's 2:0 boys. Best of five? We then completed the chocolate egg dividing exercise (because the girls also always win at that, and we feel bad for the boys!) and then some chocolate egg trading before general food comas set in!

Jo sharing out the Easter Egg hunt spoils, with the boys.
After we whooped the boys I headed over to Hertfordshire to see Kim and the kids for tea, chats, cuddles, sticker book fun and a LOT of chocolate!

I then rounded it all off with a dinner of leftovers, a glass of prosecco, more chocolate and a film about the Easter Bunny (Hop!) some sofa snuggles with my boy!

A lovely, bubbly Easter weekend, in every sense of the word!

And now I'm on de-chocolate-ifying rations...

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