Saturday, 7 April 2012

Out and about: Mooching at The Sanctuary

Today I mooched all day long. And I didn't feel even the slightest bit guilty. Not a jot.

I arrived at The Sanctuary at 11am in time for a small introduction at the official-looking check in desk, a locker tutorial, a few moments to strip and snuggle up in my fluffy robe and then little bit of wandering to familiarise myself with the various floors before my first treatment appointment. A full body aromatherapy massage.

I picked the "de-stress" oils as my body, particularly my back, were feeling incredibly tight.

55 minutes later I was feeling considerably more supple, and heavily chastised for scrunching at my desk, and not exercising my back muscles enough.

A drink of water and I was back wandering the corridors and floors again and I found myself at the exercise pool. Feeling a bit too "floopy" (to quote Phoebe Buffay) for anything as strenuous as swimming I grabbed a towel and stretched out in the sauna for a bit of heat therapy.

After that I took another wander and found myself in the Koi Carp Lounge which was full of big scoochie chairs, day beds and ginormous wicker arm chairs, squidged myself in to a chair, ordered a platter of picky bits (feta, olives, hummus, pate, bean dip and pitta) a cocktail that I think was called a Cosmopolitini or something (pink prosecco with a scoop of cranberry and vodka sorbet), grabbed my book and snuggled in for an hour of chill time with some yummy food and drink!

After all that exertion I was good and ready for my session in the Sleep Retreat.

That involved, shock horror, more chill time! A curved bed that vibrated in waves, headphones with calming, imaginative narrative ("you're standing in a beautiful garden, in front of a trickling fountain") intended to send you off in to a restful sleep. It worked for most people in the room, as the soft snores can attest, but for me when someone tells me to "clear my mind of all my thoughts" I start thinking about "what should I be clearing?" which leads me to making lists on my mental whiteboard, rather than wiping it clean. And I giggle. It was nice and relaxing  though, even if I didn't sleep.

I grabbed a pot of Earl Grey, some magazines, a blanket and did some advanced chillaxing back in the Koi Carp Lounge.

By then I was feeling well and truly rested, so I thought I should do something productive with my day, and almost booked a facial, but I decided I needed a new pair of converse more than I needed a facial scrub, and also, all the facial products are available in the dressing rooms, so instead I did a bit of swimming, loitered in the jacuzzi and sweated out all the week's cachaca in the steam room before a leisurely shower (loads of Sanctuary products available), a little bit of facial pampering with all the skincare products and I was back at the front desk, checking out for the day, a quick stop in the shop for some samples and then a wander back to the Tube!

Phew. What a tiring day!

Such a tiring day calls for Thai, The Voice, pyjamas, tea and Mini Eggs don't you think?


P.S. I didn't use the swing!

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