Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sofa surfing, afternoon tea and a Sunday session!

Friday nails!

This weekend kicked off with a quick trip to H&M on Friday evening to check out their Conscious Collection, from which I purchased this neon yellow maxi dress, hoping it would form wedding outfit number three (number one and two already sorted!), followed by some advanced sofa surfing with Caroline, Liz, left over Easter chocolates and a cartoon-sized bag of cinema sweet popcorn.

I wish I was a model so I could wear this dress
As they say on the adverts, it’s good to talk! A good few hours of putting the world to rights and generally catching up with the girls, whilst stuffing my face with naughty treats, was the perfect end to the week.  But it just flew by and before I knew it I was snuggled up in bed playing Draw Something until dozing off.
late night Draw Something skills!
Saturday started with the longest lie in I’ve had this year (go me!) followed, sadly, by a fleeting trip back to H&M to return the yellow maxi dress. What looks great on a stick-thin six foot model, does not necessarily look great on me. In fact, it DEFINITELY doesn’t look great on me.
Back to the wedding outfit drawing board!


Mr G was working (again) so Saturday night saw me snuggled up on the Humpriani Sofa with Katy, Riccardo (nothing like crashing a coupley night in!), curry, Jubilee-themed metallic macaroons, pink prosecco and My Week With Marilyn (hello Eddie Redmayne!) before a reasonably early night so we could recharge our batteries before an epic journey in to our capital city.

We set off at 11.30am for what would normally be a 60 minute journey, arriving a little before 2pm. Two and a half hours? Come on! I’m excited about the Olympics, but please, PLEASE let these rail engineering works come to an end!

Anyway, after a mammoth journey to reach The Sanderson Hotel we certainly deserved our Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea for Katy's birthday.

How excited could I be? Alice in Wonderland and afternoon tea? Two of my fave things ever! Not to mention the coolest barstools I've ever seen! We stuffed our faces with Wonderland themed patisserie, rainbow sandwiches and sampled more than our fair share of the cocktail list. The perfect Sunday afternoon.

We completed our day with a final round of cocktails (thank you Nicola) and an impromptu photo shoot in the funky hotel lobby.
We actually have no shame!
The Birthday Girl!
My wonderful boy then came to collect us from the end of the tube line, to save us the trauma of another two and a half hours of public transport hell, and my weekend finished as it started – on the sofa, with some trashy/tearful telly (welcome back TOWIE, sad to see you go Titanic) and belly full of naughty carbs!
Another big week ahead… which requires new nails!

DIY glitter tips!

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