Friday, 19 December 2014

Obsessed: Gingerbread

I'm obsessed with gingerbread.
I can't resist it. My first gingerbread 'taste memory' is a giant Christmas iced gingerbread biscuit my Great Aunty Barbara brought back from Poland (I think?) when I was a child. She hung it around my neck and took a photo of me looking like a dweeb (which was totally the biscuit, nothing to do with the hair, thank you!), and then I was allowed to eat every last bite, all to myself.
I remember it to this day. It was amazing.
Since then, I've discovered something amazing. 

My boss makes the best gingerbread in the world.

It's a fact. It's not up for debate.

I've eaten gingerbread at Christmas markets all over Europe and her stuff is still the best. I get strict gingerbread rations in the office when she brings boxes in so that other people get a look in on the treats. I even had her famous gingerbread at my wedding, as favours. They were little gingerbread boys and girls that were holding hands, all in love and stuff... until I bit off their little heads (I do that first so they don't feel the pain, I'm not a complete monster) and then merrily munched on their limbs until there were none left. Mwah ha ha. I think that's why I've stayed so long. And I think she knows it. 

Photo by Jasmine Jade

During non-festive months, when you know, my boss has an actual job to do, rather than baking boxes of gingerbread, I get through bags and bags of those mini gingerbread men from supermarkets. They're ok, but they're not the same! 

Christmas time is the perfect time to indulge my obsession with non edible gingerbread as well. I have Christmas gingerbread onesies, gingerbread decorations and this year I put gingerbread stickers on all my festive cards and invites.

Imagine how excited I was when I saw this little beaut at Tatty Devine.

I need it!

Please Santa, I've been an awful good girl!

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