Monday, 22 December 2014

Film Fest 2015

It's Christmas week!!! Hurrah!

I'm not just excited about Christmas. I'm excited about Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the calm after the Christmas storm. A day for onesies, leftovers, sofa surfing in front of all the Christmas DVDs and lifts home due to excess fizz, cocktail and Baileys hot chocolate consumption.

We can get through about ten films over the Christmas period. This year I have some great ones lined up, if they appear in my stocking, that is!

So, thinking about films to watch got me all excited about the raft of amazing films that are coming out in 2015. Technically one is out before January, but, let's turn a blind eye to the technicalities! It's not like it's the Oscars qualification period is it?

I know they're silly films, but I like the general theme of the well-known historical figures we were taught about as children coming to life, but with twists on their characters. Also, sniff sniff, Robin Williams is in it.

It'll be fun, funny and sad.


Look at that cast list! And you all know how I love a fairytale, and a theme, so how much do I love them all mashed up together... and, and... LOOK AT THAT CASTING! Meryl!!

Clever. Very clever.

Remember the Numskulls from The Funday Times? I LOVED that cartoon. This is like that, but without me having to do the voices and animation in my own head!

They're back, Pitches!

Erm, Anna Kendrick, gorgeous girl crush extraordinaire. Rebel Wilson, funny funny funny. Singing (along!) and dancing and a cheese-fest concept. What's not to be excited about? Pitch Perfect was amazing. This looks equally so! I can't wait.

Minions movie poster

MINIONS! On the loose around the world, and through history. Three of my favourite things all put together. I can't wait to meet Stuart, Kevin and Bob!


Doesn't this look just... gorgeous?

But... Bellatrix as the Fairy Godmother? I just can't wait.

Why didn't they learn from the first time around? Or the second and third? Don't mess with the dinos or nature. It finds a way...! Dr Grant the Dino Guy did NOT endorse the park. What were you thinking?

If they haven't kept the theme tune, I'm leaving. If they have, I'm excited to see the raptors on the goodies' side this time... dooo dooo doooooo dooo doooooo.... (I think that's it there at the end of the trailer... if i'm not mistaken?)

Fave book and "let's pretend" game as a child. Magic statement earrings? Giant pink hair? Girls on guitar and drums. Yes please.

Sadly, no trailer yet.

But look at the pink hair...

They've started filming. There's a lot of buzz about the script, casting and money issues. Personally, I'm feeling very "buzzy" about Moriarty turning up in a Bond film.

Hurry up Bond 24!

Erm, just.... KATNISS!!!

And then...

Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies! Oh yes. Can't wait. I've heard rumblings about the next part of the Alice story, Alice Through the Looking Glass, which I prefer to Wonderland and some of the greatest news ever, Beetlejuice 2 is being made. Wha.....!!!

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