Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Festive outfit planning - staying cosy at home

So, yesterday I listed a run of parties and events I have planned over the course of December. As you can imagine, they all require outfits.

And what's my favourite thing to do?

Plan outfits of course!

Before I get started on my blinged up, going out ("out out"?) outfits, what about the staying home, sofa surfing and movie-watching outfits?

New gingerbread onesie
These mainly consist of last year's reindeer PJs, a reindeer onesie and reindeer slipper socks (do you see a theme?) and this year's knitted gingerbread onesie, complemented by a choice of two pairs of comedy elf slippers.

Elf slippers!
Stylish? No.

Fun, cosy and festive? Yes!

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