Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Festive outfit planning: Outfit Boosters

So with all the loungewear sorted, I thought I better get on with the glitz. 

I mentioned having a zillion parties or events to attend and a few weeks ago I had a spare evening so I spent the time wisely – trying on,planning and accessorizing outfits. One of my favourite pastimes!

outfit planning

Before I get in to the actual outfits themselves, let me tell you about a number of items I bought a while ago with the festive season in mind, which will work with all my outfits.
Miss Selfirdge Double sequin jacket

First off, this silver "two way" sequin jacketfrom Miss Selfridge.Remember those sofas from the 80s where you could run your finger along the pile and write your name (or rude words) on the surface and then rub them out again by smoothing the pile back out? Well this jacket does just that. Rough the sequins up one way and it's a sparkly, light-catching disco jacket. Smooth them back in the other direction and it's matte, muted and a bit more understated. I saw a similar jacket in Ted Baker at a MUCH higher price and fell in love with it, so when Miss S had a flash sale on Halloween I snapped this version up.

Miss Selfridge Chelsea block heeled sandal

At the same time I got my hands on a pair of metallic pewter, block-heeled sandals,which really are super comfy (not as comfy as my elf slippers, of course!) and go with everything. Now, I say that line to Mr G all the time, but this time it's true. I've tried them on with every outfit and I haven't yet found one they don't work with. Outfit win!

Miss Selfridge faux fur stole

I also grabbed a powder blue faux fur stole  in the same Halloween flash sale from  Miss Selfridge. Fun, furry and fabulous. And again, it goes with everything!

So those are my "Outfit Boosters" sorted.

Now on to the actual outfits...

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