Thursday, 29 May 2014

Obsessions: Flamingo vs Pineapple

Remember Pineapple Club (shhh, don't speak about Pineapple Club)?

Remember my potential breakaway faction, Flamingo Club?

The battle for a preference between the two continues to keep me awake at night.

Art. Clothing. Accessories. Decor. Homewares.

Pink or yellow?

Pineapples or flamingos?

Piningos? Flamapples? Pinegos? Flapples?


Anyway, back to reality... one of my stylish besties, Laura, sent me a pineapple-obsession collage from MadeByGirl blog which included a picture of  THESE. AMAZING. PINEAPPLE. SHOES.

Pineapple shoes by Aquazzura (check out his logo too!!)

Of course I initiated Emergency Google Search procedures and commenced ShopStyle interrogation.

What appeared?

Well, certainly no immediate, appropriate pineapple footwear leads, at least not within my budget.

An FT Style article from February 2013, however, popped up which not only included the delicious Aquazzura pineapple strappies, but also THESE. EVEN. MORE. AMAZING. FLAMINGO. BOOTIES by my all-time-fave bonkers shoe designer Sophia Webster!

Flamingo shoes by Sophia Webster (my all time fave shoe designer, ever!)

The (mind) battle continues....

Check out these links, seems I'm not alone

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