Monday, 6 May 2013

Outfit planning: Can I wear red?

I'm not sure if I can wear red. I think long ago someone told me I couldn't and so ever since I have tried, and mostly managed, to steer clear.

However, for my birthday last year I tried out a red dress which seemed ok and I rocked (in my humble opinion) a Lady Bird outfit for a hen do a while back (what is it with me and bug outfits?) and the world didn't implode.

So maybe I can?

If so, I'm thinking about this red Mango maxi dress, a pop of turquoise from my new Zara strappies, a cuff, a cocktail ring and some extravagant earrings and then some neutral accessories with my rose gold Mulberry clutch, a colour clashed skinny belt and something spangly in my hair. Maybe something delicate in gold and turquoise around the my neck. Or maybe something big and chunky, or maybe nothing at all.

Perfect for a rustic Italian wedding, no?


So after all this inner debate about whether I can carry off red, I head to Asos to buy the dress, only to discover that it's out of stock.


Probably a good thing as I can't afford any of the corresponding accessories!

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  1. Yes damnit - that is a seriously gorgeous dress!