Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hard working holiday purchase

You know, those things that magazines tell you are an absolute necessity because it can take you from "Beach to Bar"...

Who goes straight to a bar without having a shower, washing their face and putting some proper underwear (i.e. not a lycra, sand-filled swimming cossie) on after being at the beach all day?

Not I!

So, I've never needed one of these amazing "hardworking-capsule-wardrobe" pieces that works with a swimsuit and flip flops, just as well as with a pair of cut off denims and a vest top, and is equally as lovely with an evening gown and a clutch.

Until now.

I just saw this little baby on the Ted Baker website and look...
  • it will work amazingly with a flirty little swimsuit, some metallic wedges, some fifties sunnies and a floppy sun hat round the pool
  • it will dress up a pair of beach shorts, some strappy sandals and a straw bag for a "where shall we go tonight" discussion in a bar (there's your "beach to bar"
  • it will look lovely and dressy with a cute little shift dress, some peep toes and some bling for when it's a bit chilly at night
  • it will keep my neck snuggly warm on the way home on the sh!tty RyanAir plane when I convert it in to Scarf Mode.

So there you go. All of a sudden I'm a capsule-wardrobe-aficionado. Amazing.

Now, the only issue is how to style it out when I rock up at a beautiful restaurant and I lift an arm and dump a pocket of sand on the fish course...