Monday, 29 April 2013

Obsession: Instagram and Inkifi

Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that I am obsessed with it. I have nearly 1000 photos on there. I just can't get enough of the snapping and treating and posting and liking and hashtagging...

Not a day goes past, really, without an Instagram opportunity. In fact, at the bottom of this post is an Instagram, of - wait for it - a collection of Instagrams. Oh yes.

Anyway, for Mr G's birthday I got a montage print made of our California road trip using Inkifi, which I found via a January Joy post on Florence Finds. It was also one of my New Year resolutions to get a bit more organised with my photos, so I feel very smug on three accounts:

1. Instagram makes me look like a much better photographer than I am. Hurrah!
2. Mr G loved it. Present Win!
3. I completed a resolution. Yay!

So here we go:  

Funky, right?

And such a great representation of our memories.

I went for the framed option and I think we'll put it in the hallway. One wall is full of people and the other full of travel... and seeing as the floor is full of shoes, the hallway will now be full of my favourite things. All I need is a cocktail bar and I'm all set.

Now that I've seen how cool these look, I'm itching to get some more made...

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