Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mission complete

On January 1st 2012 I wrote some New Year resolutions, one of which detailed my plans to visit more of my home country. Having been to all the continents, visited nearly all of my top ten "must see" countries and worked my way through a number of the Wonders of the World, I'd never been to Northern Ireland, Ireland or Wales.

I managed two trips to the Emerald Isle in 2012. A trip to Galway for a wedding, and a weekend in Dublin to visit my cousin during which we jumped on a train to Belafst to see the Titanic exhibition. So that covered off Ireland and Scotland (a few years ago for my birthday and for my hen do back in 2009) but Wales was still pending.

Last weekend I finally made it to the home of the red dragon. Mission complete. Hurrah!

Mr G's Grandma, great aunt and uncle and some of his cousins live in Saundersfoot, which is very close to the little seaside town of Tenby so we booked a cute little beach-front apartment for me, the Mister and his two sisters, left work at lunchtime on Friday and headed off for a weekend of watching them re-live their childhood memories.

We started our seaside weekend with fish n chips on the Friday night with Grandma and then wine, onesies and a film back in our apartment before falling asleep listening to the waves crashing against the beach outside our windows.

Posh fish n chips
Having arrived in darkness, I was thrilled to wake up on Saturday morning to glorious beach vistas from my pillow. We ate breakfast with a view and then Mr G and The Griffettes showed me around town pointing out the places they'd spent their family visits crabbing, rock climbing, swimming and sand dune-rolling as children, before spending some time catching up with the family.

Woke up to sunshine and sea views from my pillow

Beach views

Breakfast with a view

We then whiled away the afternoon enjoying calorific hot chocolates to warm our chilly hands after wandering amongst Mini Egg-coloured, cliff-top homes, caught some of the rugby in a local pub and then ended the day with a snuggly family dinner at a lovely little restaurant called The Mulberry.

Mini Egg houses

Cliff top homes

low-cal afternoon refreshments

We rounded off the weekend with a bit of Sunday morning rock climbing, some more beach walking and lots of sea air to refresh our City souls before heading home.

Griffs climbing cliffs

Sea air
I can't believe it took Mr G ten years (Ten years? For real?) to take me there to visit his family. Now I've discovered it, I'll be back there every five minutes!

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