Sunday, 17 February 2013

Staying in: Enjoying old age

Last year, the January birthday season lasted for a good six weeks. It was our 30th birthday month, though. There was dancing, drinking, snow bundling, surprises, giant balloons, more drinking, hotels, cake, sequins, glitter, cocktails, dress codes... even more drinking. It was exhausting. I'm surprised we survived it. I'm surprised we didn't bankrupt ourselves.

Birthday Belles - NOT keeping it low key!

This year we pared it down somewhat, stuck to civilised meals, drinks close to home, happy hour cocktails and Sunday brunch - and yet somehow still managed to end up drunk and disorderly for three solid weeks, broke, broken, missing last trains, freestyle rapping on the microphone in bars (!?!), laughing at photos of hideous raucousness over hangover breakfast, gatecrashing other parties, ruining birthday outfits and partying like fiends.

So this week required some chill time.

I started the week with board games on Monday night (with two broken boys, fresh home from a stag do), a reasonably low key pancake day on Tuesday (only two, and not my usual ten), a Valentine's night in our PJs with giant mugs of tea, a Friday night in front of the telly with a homemade cocktail and fish n chips, Saturday night playing board games and munching on pizza with friends and a Sunday eating a pub roast with my buddy Jasmine and then catching up on my washing (one New Year resolution failed) some TV dramas.


Pancake day
Valentine's Day Tea
Home alone with fish n chips and rose n lychee martinis
Board games
Bakewell tart for dessert with Jasmine Jade

A pretty good week as it goes.

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