Monday, 18 February 2013

Desk Decor: Mood Mugs

Aside from the rather lovely extra-curricular activities I mentioned, last week at work was hideous. I shed my first work-related tear*. Just the one. I squidged it out of my left eye because if I didn't my head would have exploded from a fury-related aneurysm. I shouldn't have done it though, because, upon releasing that all that fury in a globule of salty water, thereafter that eye twitched like a dying moth until about 10pm.

What made it better though was that a colleague sent me a link to these little beauties. The plan for this week is that I'll keep these on my shelf and will select a mug each morning to reflect my mood. My room mates will then advise the office about when it's best to approach me with questions, work or problems. 
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I have one question though. Who is Larry, where does he work and why is he so happy about it? Ok, that was three questions.

I hate Larry.

* just to clarify, I have cried AT work, but not because OF work.


  1. Larry has a right smug look about him. Just wait until he 'accidentally' meets the floor...

    1. "Hi, I'm Larry and I'm so happy"
      "Eat Floor Larry"

  2. Ha ha you make me laugh! Hope Happy As Larry gets used more than the rest this week.