Sunday, 20 January 2013

My weekend: Snow, baby snuggles, cake and bubbly!


Snowy socks, snowy garden!
I haven't done a "my weekend" post for a while. I must try harder to do more this year. Another new year resolution maybe? I suppose that would also require me to get off my derriere a bit more and actually do something interesting enough to tell you about. Well, more that eating at least.

Last weekend I felt really productive and like I did quite a lot... but really, it revolved around sitting on my sofa and only moving from that position to eat food that didn't originate from my kitchen. Friday a girlie birthday dinner at a cute pub, Saturday an impromptu family dinner and Sunday and hangover brunch, without a hangover.

My Mamma Bear, her gorgeous god daughter Liz and Liz's amazingly beautiful baby, Samuel

This weekend was in a similar vein, with all the sitting and eating but there were other activities involved. Mainly sitting down activities, but still, activities! Friday was meant to be a puzzle night with Caroline. We achieved very little puzzling, unfortunately, but a lot of guzzling. Guzzling of naughty chocolate treats, and gallons of tea.

mmmmm, cake, at Earl Grey and Rose

Saturday started early with a slow snow drive to south west London to visit a new little buddy of ours - baby Samuel. We enjoyed some yummy food in a cute vintage cafe, tea and cakes on the sofa and then, most importantly, THE. BEST. BABY. SNUGGLES! He's just the cutest, snuggliest, snuffliest, squeakiest little bundle of joy. He was only meant to arrive a week ago, but put in an appearance at the end of 2012, because, as a Londoner, what better year (clearly I'm talking about the Jubilee and London 2012) to have in the DOB section of your passport?

Katy making snow willies...

Sunday was where it all went wrong for Dry January and I fell off the wagon. We had friends over for Sunday lunch and kick started the afternoon with wine and bubbly all snuggled up in the conservatory Orangery watching the snow trickle down and then more over lunch. We then tucked in to some tasty red with the cheese and a little bubbly toast to a snow day or two next week (as if!) whilst Katy and Claire made an evil snow man and a snow willy in my garden. I wonder how long it'll take my neighbours to pop a note of complaint through the door...

Claire making a scary snow man
All in all, a rather wonderful weekend!

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