Friday, 2 November 2012

Namesake shoes

I've spent a little while thinking that, now I'm a proper grown up, I should have a pair of proper grown up shoes. Rather than constantly buying quirky shoes for special outfits that never get worn again or lots of cheap shoes for a one-time only wear, I should buy a single pair of expensive, good quality classically-styled shoes that make me feel amazing, look great, go with everything and are comfortable enough to wear again and again without the I must take plasters and painkillers in my clutch bag fear.

My wonderful wedding shoes. Oh how I love them

Wedding shoes in situ
I know I should do this, because what I literally just described were my wedding shoes. I spent a small fortune on a pair of classic pink suede Christian Louboutin Ron Rons, and I've worn them so many times due to their comfort and simple style and the fact that they pretty much go with everything. I love them. I should also take my lead from one of my all time fave girl crushes (that's Queen-to-Be Kate) with her staple LK Bennett court.

I love my wedding shoes
So, where's the first place you go for a simple but stylish shoe that'll go with everything?

Jimmy Choo.

And what did I find?

The Victoria patent court shoe

The Victoria shoe. MY shoe. Mine.


It's a sign people, it's a sign!

And when i say "people" I mean YOU Santa Claus...

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