Friday, 21 September 2012

Obsessed with H&M

I've been in love with both H&M and Lana del Rey for some time.

H&M has been very close to the top of my list of fave high street shops for years now, with the designer collaborations only enhancing my love collection by collection. Where other stores choose celebs to design their ranges (yes DP I'm looking at you – Kartrashians? Really?), I love that H&M has designers and fashion industry professionals on their collaborations resume. I realise that LDR isn't a designer though, but for this season I'll make an exception!

Lana Del Rey's album has been on constant replay on my earphones, in my car and at home since the day it was released. I love her music, her voice and (although contrived) her persona. I've devoured all the press coverage around the various controversies related to her record label and performances from day one, all of which does not dampen my love for the music, I hasten to add.

Anyway, this little video just tuned my love of both in to an obsession. I love the collection, the styling, the staging, the music (it reminds me of my Granddad) and the humour.

See the Lana Del Rey Blue Velvet H&M advert here.

To add fuel to the obsession, how cool is this little micro-site for the Anna Dello Russo accessories line? So clever! I am super sad, though, that none of her wacky headpieces were replicated in the line. Hmph.

In my humble opinion H&M is on FIRE this season.

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