Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Missing: One Husband

Missing: One Husband

Last seen: At the altar, exactly three years ago.

Appearance: Once looked like a combination of all of WestlifeGary Barlow and a BBC newsreader. Now expected to have a weary look, considerable eye bags and (non-designer) stubble.

Answers to: Griff, Gruff, Officer Nick, PC Griff, PC Gruff, Mr G, Number One Son, Golden Child.

Suspected location: Clues as to his whereabouts could include a trail of dirty socks, loose change and Mars bar wrappers.

Key suspects: We believe he is being held captive by the MPS until a ransom of One Soul is received.

If found: Will likely be asleep, shake vigorously and please return to me asap. He owes me an eternity ring!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mr G!

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