Thursday, 12 July 2012

My (crazy) month: June

Where did it go? How is it almost half way through July? Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose. And time also flies when you are the busiest you’ve ever been. I feel like I should do a quick post to explain why I haven’t had much time for blogging recently (aside from the fact that I haven’t had any wifi for the last two weeks) and provide a little catch up. Also, check out my Instagram feed for all the details in picture form.

Work went ker-aaaaay-zeeee with several massive events and projects, there were more birthday celebrations than you can shake a stick at and, what was that other thing? Oh yes…
Well technically we did the actual moving out in May and the actual moving in on the first day of July (with possibly the most painful hangover known to humankind), but June itself was spent living in my parents’ spare room and doing all the house moving admin. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It was HARD. It was frustrating, it was stressful, it was draining and it got uh-ger-ly. But we all survived and came out the other side unscathed. Well most of us. There was an injury of sorts...


Anyway, enough about the hideous dramas associated with house buying and selling and a bit more about the fun stuff we did in June.

I started the month with two weddings, a thirtieth birthday, an after party and a Diamond Jubilee party. I was pretty chuffed with the outfits I managed to put together, in my homeless state, as well.

Later that same week we celebrated one of my besties, Claire from Wacey Style, getting engaged. Prosecco, canapés and lots of ooooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing at her beautiful bling. Check out her engagement story here! I was also excited to finally get a partner in the regular "OH! SISTERS!" shot with the Disney Princesses at the Two for Ones as my sister-in-law Kate came along to play.

I treated myself to a well-earned day of rest with a facial and a full body massage and I finally got to sit still for ten minutes with tea, cake, sofa snuggling and made my boy treat me to a thai takeaway. I felt absolutely 0% guilty about my self indulgent laziness! The following week another bestie turned 30 and we had a refined affair with dinner in a local hotspot, The Blue Bridge in Writtle. Sadly, the Beckhams weren’t there that evening. Hmph (and sorry for that link).

I got a little bit excited when the lovely Rebecca posted my review of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal on her blog, Florence Finds. I think three of my friends booked tables after that! I think the restaurant owes Rebecca some commission!

I got my wellies out of storage (what a stroke of luck we could find them!) at the weekend for some field dancing at LOVEBOX in honour of another friend’s 30th birthday. I had every intention of seeing lots of the acts, but ended up taking pictures of my friend in a giant Hunter welly, sticking a false moustache to my fave and dancing on a stage with a bunch of drag queens in a fake NYC club tent until someone dragged me to see Groove Armada. We also coined our new girls-only-night-out motto of “Drink. Rave. Attack!” I’ll let you work out what that means.

A little tiny bit of downtime followed, only to ramp back up again for a full on weekend to celebrate some more birthdays. Friday afternoon saw copious cocktail consumption at Pearl atthe Chancery Court Hotel on a girly lunch date, Saturday was filled with a big family brunch and a walking tour of the city of Westminster, a spot of lunch and then a Grim Reaper tour in east London, all in honour of my mum’s birthday. Sunday was a day full of cake, bubbles and Barbie cars as we celebrated my beautiful god daughter’s fourth birthday followed by my last family roast dinner before “leaving home” for the second time in my life.

On Thursday 28th June we finally took ownership of our new home, exactly 6 months to the day after we started our property search and putting our flat on the market. On the Friday Mr G went to collect the keys and went in with a crack team of cleaners (my mum and my mother-in-law) to get it all spick and span for me to swing by after work and check out my new home.

It felt strange, exciting and a bit emotional. I wrote about it.

That night we celebrated with prosecco and macaroons. Of course!
On the last day of June we celebrated yet another 30th birthday with another bestie, Kim B (we actually are the Essex answer to the Spice Girls you know!) which involved ridiculous amounts of prosecco and bespoke (and at some points, two-for-one) cocktails at The Marylebone. That place is lethal I tell you. After drinking dangerous amounts of cocktails we (apparently, so my camera tells me) made our way to Proud Camden for some dodgy sofa dancing, floor crawling and lots and LOTS of falling over on cobbles, sofas, steps and (mainly me) flat floors.

We shall talk no further on this subject (mainly because I can’t!).
**I know the next two days aren’t technically June but despite my OCD, I’ll tell you about them quickly anyway**

The next day, with THE world’s worst hangover, I held it together just long enough to put on leggings, Uggs (in july!!!), a hoodie and sunnies and project manage both our families moving our entire life back out of storage and various garages and sheds and in to our new home. We said a small thank you and christened Mr G’s spaceship-sized 30th birthday BBQ. Sadly, as we had no bed at this stage, we took ourselves back to our temporary camp site at my parents’ house and collapsed by about 9pm.

Monday saw us move all the final bits and bobs in to the house, build our bed and do a lot of sitting on the floor as various people stopped by to check out the new pad. I left Mr G alone to undertake one last celebratory event with Kim B consisting of Thai green curry and cupcakes before spending our first night alone in our new home.

I want to say “ahhhh bliss”, but really it’s a bit “ahhhhh, mess” right now.

The bliss bit is on its way…

…and i’ll be blogging about every last step!

Ciao ciao June. Hello July!

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