Saturday, 14 July 2012

London Love Letters from Oasis

I was walking to work the other day and I did an actual cartoon-style double take.

At what? I hear you cry!

A hottie? They're a VERY rare sight in Canary Wharf so when you see them they take you by surprise? But, no!
A celeb? Nope... apart from at the regular book signings in the mall, I've only ever spied one celebrity in Canary Wharf and even then it was a lame one.
A pop up cake/cocktail/tapas/champagne stall? Not this time.
It was at the new window display in Oasis and their London Love Letters collection. Initially my eye was drawn to the minty-green skater dress as I've been on a three month-long mission to find a suitably ostentatious, but classy outfit for a very special up-coming wedding in this precise colour, mainly so I can use my new favourite bag. Alas my search has been largely unsuccessful thus far. I say largely, as I have found many dresses that fit the style and colour brief perfectly. Unfortunately they don't fit the price tag brief. I've seen so many dresses that cost upwards of four figures that my sense of normality has gone completely awry, much like when I was in wedding mode, and I've started thinking that £399 for a dress is actually a bit of a bargain. Well, it would be more reasonable if it were at least made of some kind of natural fabric, but no, it was 100% polyester!
Anyway, I digress, after my cartoon-style double take I made a quick detour off course to look at the minty-green dress and did a quick fly round the shop to investigate all the lovely pieces.

How cute is it?

How much do I want all of the dresses?
SO much.
But would I get the wear out of them? Probably not. It's not really appropriate to turn up to work in a short frothy dress with postcards all over it, well not in my office anyway, and I'm sure the novelty of the quirky print would wear off after one or two wears, but still, I'm me and I want it. Especially the silky, creamy shift dress with the buildings. I'm wondering if I can engineer an event that requires an outfit plastered with London scenery...
Olympics opening ceremony party.
But we have a grown up house now, and I have to spend all my cash monies on skimming the ceilings, block paving my driveway, and re-fitting the bathroom. So I'll probably take the sensible option and just buy the scarf and wait for the sale to kick in.
Being sensible sucks.

I want a dress with Big Ben on it.


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  1. Mate, I feel your pain. I've left hundreds of dresses on their hangers cause of stupid, grown up house-related stuff. Hmph indeed!