Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sparkly rainbow socks

This week was a bit rubbish. In fact, thus far, the whole year hasn’t been great.

Various things were getting me down, and I was finding it very hard to be cheerful, but then all of a sudden this morning, and I have no idea why it happened today, I felt so much happier.
Maybe it’s because it’s pay day? Because it was finally the end of the week, or because I knew I was getting Thai takeaway for dinner? Maybe it was because I have a feeling that, of the eight houses we’re viewing tomorrow, I think one of them will be the one we buy? Maybe it was because I ate chocolate panettone for breakfast? Maybe it’s because I had an arty-crafty evening planned, because I ticked some things off my to-do list at work, and sorted out some personal admin? Maybe it’s because Blue Monday is over with and everything has to get better now. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday next week?
Maybe it was because I wore socks covered in glittery rainbows in my Uggs en route to the station?
Who knows. Who cares. What matters is that I cheered the hell up.
And this is why.
I have LOTS to be happy about. Obviously I highlighted a few of those things in this little “looking back and looking forward” post on new year’s eve and new year’s day, but the list should run deeper than that, i.e. in to my soul… not my diary!
I know I might have my whinging and whining periods (sorry guys!), but I promise you, every night when I get in to bed I say my prayers (in a particular order, due to an OCD thing I developed as a child) and then I also say a little list of thank yous.
For example:
1.       I’m thankful for the loving, supportive people that surround me
2.       I’m thankful for my healthy, fully functioning, mind and body (most of the time)
3.       I’m thankful for the roof over my head and the food in my fridge
4.       I’m thankful for the choices that I have
5.       I’m thankful for the experiences I have had and those that are yet to come
It’s not a religious thing, not a spiritual nor a superstitious thing – though those three things figure a lot in my life, but shall remain private.
It’s just my pragmatic side.
No matter what’s going on, when I’m ranting about the glass half empty, woe is me, I’m so hard done to and life isn’t fair, I know that at the end of every day, I will sit and take stock and be realistic.
I give myself a mental slap, and then a mental cuddle.
Life doesn’t always go the way I want it to, things don’t always go to plan, people will let me down, things will upset me, things will go horribly wrong, I may cry, I may shout, I may be nasty and then feel ashamed or sad.
But at the end of the day (literally), it always turns out ok. I make sure of it.
Night night
P.s. I also purchased lots of shoes. That helps cheer me up a lot!

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