Friday, 30 December 2011

Thank You

I hope everyone had a wonderfully merry Christmas? I certainly did. All in all it was a fabulous celebration (as always) and I’m looking forward to an equally fabulous New Year celebration. It was full of wonderful people, cocktails, food, bubbly, more food, games, cupcakes, festive treats, indoor camping, late nights, even later mornings, more games, even more food, sparkly outfits, banter, carols, Christmas specials, more food, family and friends. And there were also some presents.

Every year I think I’ve received the most beautiful gifts, and every year, even more beautiful ones appear under the tree, covered in pretty bows and with my name on the tag. This year was no different. As usual, I’ll write my thank you notes, but in the meantime I’d like to use this wee post for a big shout out to all those who gave, and sent, me gifts this year!
Thank you to everyone for my gorgeous, thoughtful and beautiful presents and well done for co-ordinating yourselves so no one doubled up on the Fantasy Gift List! Skills!
Thank you Ma and Pa for my stocking full of goodies, for my perfume, the snowflake bracelet and the generous contribution to my “savingforaChanelhandbagormorelikelyaniPad” fund. I feel very spoilt!
Thank you Baby Bro and Gabby for my Norwegian and snowflake emblazoned loungewear, and Cowshed candles. I’m looking forward to some snugly nights in!
Thank you D&A for the gorgeous retro champagne coupes and martini glasses for mine and the Mister’s glasses cabinet. I can’t wait to host my first retro bubbles party.
Thank you D&J for my travel book and DVD. I can’t wait to peruse the pages for my next holiday (are you in?) and thanks for watching with me!
Thank you M&J for my book, tea towel and macaroons. You know me TOO well, it seems!
Thank you G&D for my zumba game and DVD. Sorry downstairs neighbours – I have to get fit for my birthday party!
Thank you Ma and Pa-in-Law for my spa vouchers, the “so me” cookbook (a section on hair and make up… perfection!) and my other cute goodies. I can’t wait to use it all!
Thank you Lucy for my “smells so good I want to eat it” candle, my dolly socks and vegetable socks. So cute, so funny!
Thank you Kate for “totes gonna use it on holibobs” purse and bracelet. I heart!
Thank you Grandma, Nan and Pam for your generous contributions to my “savingforaChanelhandbagormorelikelyaniPad” fund and a cosy night in with the Mister!
Thank you Caroline (and Billy, the kiddies and Bev ) – YOU ARE SO NAUGHTY! (but I love you)
Thank you Katy and Claire for my outfit and, erm, reference book (I’m assuming it’s that and not “self help”?). I feel so stylish, just looking at them!
Thank you Marcella for our kitchen and bathroom treats (and my handbag one). So indulgent, and so clever (and so useful)!
Thank you Secret Santa (I know it was you, Kim S), I was naughty and opened it early, but I used it on Christmas Eve, Eve and it looked  fab!
and thank you Mr G for my wonderful bag full of goodies, for choosing the right things off my list and for being so clever with your “off-list” purchases!
Your thank you notes will be winding their way to you tout de suite in the New Year.
Also a big thank you for reading my blog. Now, I had better watch what I say.
Big Christmas Thank You Kisses from this spoilt little piggy!

P.s. what I do NOT thank you for, is voting for other contestants' soups. I wanted to win!

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